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Mac OS X 10.6.8 benchmark reveals graphic speed improvement

Sure, the (hopefully) last version of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard was released yesterday. Yes, it addressed a laundry list of improvements to both networking and Mac OS X Lion readiness. But did you know that installing Mac OS X 10.6.8 might also improve graphic performance on your Mac? Bill F...

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Macworld experiences mixed results with MacBook Air SSD upgrades

Computers are like cars: while the vast majority of owners are happy to drive around in their car for years, exactly the way they came off of the dealer's lot, some people want to customize their wheels immediately. It's not surprising that for some owners of Apple's popular MacBook Air, the first...

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New iMacs 25 percent faster than previous generation

A few days ago, we reported on Macworld's benchmark results for the new Sandy Bridge-equipped iMacs. Macworld found them to be, on average, about 16 percent faster in the Speedmark 6.5 test than the previous generation. Now Primate Labs has put together a report detailing the iMac's speed incre...

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Macworld publishes first round of benchmark results for new iMac

Macworld posted the results of its first benchmark tests for the newly updated family of iMacs this morning. The publication's tests found Apple's latest iMacs to be generally faster than previous iMacs, although certain build-to-order (BTO) models from 2010 still outperformed the new family of...

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Apple confirms some WebKit optimizations unavailable to iOS Apps

The web performance enhancements included in Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 4.3, are exclusively available to the Mobile Safari web browser, an Apple spokesperson has confirmed. The optimizations, which double JavaScript performance in Mobile Safari, are not available to the underlyin...

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Android vs. iPhone in 'flawed' mobile browser performance test

Post edited to clarify that the browser testing is not representative of Safari performance, and included Blaze response to CNET. –Ed. Blaze Software, a Canadian software company, today released the results of what it calls a "definitive" research effort to discover "which [mobile] brow...

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iMovie on iPad 2 beats most Macs in benchmarks

Benchmark information from If the results of benchmarks run by Tim Chaten at AppAdvice are any indication, anyone looking for a good, fast iMovie workstation for doing editing in the field should take a close look at the app running on an iPad 2. Chaten wanted to see how iMovi...

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Intel announces Core 2011 processor details; hackintosh fans post benchmarks

Intel, the company that makes the processors used in every Mac currently being manufactured, officially announced the details of the new Sandy Bridge processors, otherwise known as the Intel Core 2011 processors. These are the second generation of the Core processors found in many of Apple's produc...

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Report: Core i7 MacBook Pros running hot

Tests performed by PC Authority found a Core i7 MacBook Pro to be running very hot, climbing to over 100 degrees Celsius. The magazine had a Core i7-620M based 17" MacBook Pro on their hands for testing. While putting it through their benchmark suite, they noticed that it scored lower in Photosho...

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Macworld 2010: OWC's Grant Dahlke demos USB 3.0 drive, fastest SSD

Mac expansion powerhouse Other World Computing always has something incredible to show off at Macworld Expo, and there was no doubt about it when we visited the OWC booth on Thursday. OWC's Grant Dahlke displayed some of the new products coming out from the company, including their first USB 3.0 ...

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Intel uses iTunes for benchmarking

Here's a bit of interesting for you from the folks over at APC: during a press event at CES 2010, Intel used iTunes to tout its latest processors rather than one of the other oft-used performance-testing suites. Specifically, they showed off an i5 processor not by running some complex graphics simul...

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Will Snow Leopard really make my computer any faster?

We've seen the benchmarks. We've heard from the techno-geeks. According to Apple, Snow Leopard should result in some impressive speed gains, and hefty hard drive space recapture. But does this speed bump actually result in tangible benefits for the average user? Do you really get back a functional a...

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Snow Leopard performance improvements are there, but small

Snow Leopard is purported to provide many small but much-needed tweaks to its predecessor, Leopard. One oft-touted tweak is a speed boost, but according to tests by Macworld the performance and speed of a few different computers improved only slightly with many native tasks, and some took even lon...

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File under "This won't last": new white MacBook benchmarks faster than unibody model

In a thorough review of the new speed-bumped white MacBook, Macworld notes an intriguing fact: the 2.13GHz model of the $999 entry-level laptop actually outperforms the base unibody model. The magazine's benchmarks show a 4 percent advantage for the new white MacBook over the $1299 2GHz aluminum la...

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Leopard running on an Atom Processor

Using PC_efi technology (a means to run OS X on a PC without kernel modification), an anonymous source for has managed to run and benchmark Leopard on an Atom chip, which is rumored (and denied) to be headed for Mac. The Atom Processor would certainly make a good candidate for a mini-tabl...

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