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Win a copy of Bento from FileMaker and TUAW

We've covered the personal database app, Bento, a few times in the past, and Brett mentions it in his "Collecting and Organizing Information" post, but our friends at venerable FileMaker want to give you a chance to try it yourself. So we're giving away three boxed copies of Bento today! Use it to...

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Filemaker releases Bento 1.0v2

Bento is the end user database software from Filemaker that was released as a beta a couple of months ago. We took a look at Bento in November. If you're coming from Filemaker Pro development, you'll find Bento a bit limiting, but the number of users who could potentially find it useful, like teache...

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FileMaker Bento is shipping

Having run through a couple of beta releases, it's now prime time for FileMaker's consumer-level organizer DB: Bento is shipping today in advance of Macworld Expo. The "database for soccer moms" product is $49 for a single user license, $99 for a family pack. We've got screen shots from Bento in our...

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Filemaker releases Bento preview update

Filemaker have released a new beta version of Bento, their easy to use database application (we took an early look at Bento last month). I've been playing with it for a while, and I'm enjoying it. I use Filemaker Pro at work, so I miss some things like defining my own relationships, scripting, etc....

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TUAW first look: FileMaker announces Bento organizer app

When you've been creating and selling the same application for 20 years -- the most successful database on the Mac platform, and a contender on Windows -- and you're a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, Inc. with plenty of customers in business, education and SOHO markets... well, what do you do for...

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