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A history of Steve Jobs at the D Conference

Over the years, Steve Jobs has made several appearances at the D Conference. He's shared the stage with Walt Mossberg, Bill Gates and others in the now iconic red chairs. AllThingsD has compiled a brief history of Steve's remarkable moments at the event, some of which are described below. Tablet...

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Apple's value is more than Microsoft and Intel combined

Apple's market cap is now greater than Microsoft and Intel combined. When the market closed on Friday, Microsoft had a market cap of US$201.59 billion and Intel had a cap of $115.21 billion. Combined, they have a market cap of $316.8 billion which is just below the $317.60 billion of Apple. Thi...

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Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen: Steve Jobs is "monomaniacal"

I doubt Steve Jobs will regard being called monomaniacal as an insult. My dictionary defines the word as 'An inordinate or obsessive zeal or interest in a single thing or subject." That sounds pretty much like the Apple co-founder and CEO. The comments from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen came i...

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Steve Jobs on Bill Gates over the years

To say the least, Bill and Steve had had an interesting rivalry over the years. Of course, Bill Gates has retired to charity work leaving Steve Ballmer in charge of Microsoft. The Huffington Post has put a fun post together of some of Jobs' best quotes about Gates. My favorite is from 2006: "I...

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Bill Gates on the iPad: Needs a stylus and a keyboard

Bill Gates thinks the iPad is OK, but lacking compared to his own vision of tablet computing. Speaking to business blog Bnet he said, "You know, I'm a big believer in touch and digital reading, but I still think that some mixture of voice, the pen, and a real keyboard-in other words a netbook-will b...

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Found Footage: The Story of Macintosh

Denver-area Mac consultant Mike Kimble is no stranger to Apple; he worked at an Apple reseller prior to the introduction of the Mac in 1984, and he's been involved with Macs and other Apple products ever since. Mike recently found several old Apple tapes that were sent to his business back around...

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Some thoughts on the new Microsoft ads

Well, the new ad blitz from Microsoft has begun. Advertising agency Crispin Porter + Boguksy is back at it with a new web video and click through banners that tell the story of Lauren, a Los Angeles woman (and member of the Screen Actors Guild) who was recruited from Craigslist. She supposedly didn'...

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Microsoft airs second ad, campaign makes sense

Microsoft aired the second in its series of new ads featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates, and unlike the first ad, we finally discover that the pair are trying to find out what life is like for the average person. Since Gates "lives in a moon house over Seattle" and Seinfeld "has so many cars h...

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Steve Jobs/Bill Gates D5 interview available in iTunes

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates sat down with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at the All Things Digital conference for a joint interview the other day. The footage of the interview was posted at the D5 website, but it was broken up into chunks. Now you can watch, or listen, to the interview in its entiret...

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Video highlights of the Steve and Bill show

In case you missed the Engadget liveblog of last night's lovefest between Big Mac and El PC, the folks at the D conference have posted complete video coverage and a highlight reel (above) of Steve and Bill's excellent adventure. Enjoy the show, and please open any hard candies in advance of the fea...

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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates chat at All Things Digital 2007

This is the last All Things Digital post for today, promise (well, as long as nothing cool happens). Engadget is live on the scene where Steve Jobs (Apple's CEO) and Bill Gates (he works for some small tech company in Redmond) will share the stage with Walt Mossberg. What will they talk about? I ha...

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Found Footage: Gates vs. Jobs

This PG-13 cartoon (there is just a tad of saucy language, you have been warned) depicts an epic battle between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in iWorld. Definitely worth a watch, if only for the Finder's song. [via Buzz Patrol]...

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Bill Gates: "security guys break the Mac every single day"

I'm all for competition in the marketplace. I'm even for friendly puns between rival competitors and the camps that follow them, especially since you have to have a sense of humor about them in the first place. But don't we also need a sense of reality? In a Vista-pimping interview with Newsweek yes...

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Found Footage: CNN asks Bill Gates about copying Mac OS X

Who's copying who in terms of OS design is quite the topic for a long session of coffee talk, but CNN recently put Mr. Gates on the hot seat by tossing him an on-air zinger. Currently, Bill is on a media blitz to help promote this month's release of Windows Vista. He was on the Daily Show Monday...

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Bill Gates: man in the bubble.

You've heard about the Apple bubble, right? The prevailing belief that Apple's stock is overpriced and about to explode? Turns out there's definitely a Microsoft bubble, too. Different kind, though. One that surrounds Bill Gates in his day-to-day role at Microsoft. Microsoft employs a technical ass...

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