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Talkcast tonight; 7 PM PT/10 PM ET: Happy Birthday iPad Edition!

Hippo, birdie, two ewes, Hippo, birdie, two ewes, Hippo, BIRDie, two ew-wes, Hippo, birdie, two ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwes! Here we go again! It's the first birthday of our own iPad, the little tablet that could. It's seems like that little guy has just been around forever, but really it's only ...

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Happy Birthday, iPad! Come out to celebrate

It got mocked for its name, and for the "magical and revolutionary" marketing machine behind it. Critics called it "just a big iPod touch" and wondered what it might be good for. Customers, meanwhile... well, after a year of the original iPad and just three weeks of the iPad 2, the gadget that ...

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Happy 35th birthday to Apple, Inc.

It's no joke: Apple, Inc. turns 35 today. On April 1, 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne (who 12 days later sold his share of the startup for a meager US$2,300) founded Apple Computer. As a newborn, Apple intended to sell low-cost, hand-manufactured microcomputer components to f...

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Happy 10th birthday, Mac OS X!

It's hard to believe that 10 years ago today, Mac OS X made its official debut after several months of a paid public beta. Mac OS X v.10.0 "Cheetah" was released on March 24, 2001 for US$129. It was slow, clunky and made many users want to throw their Macs out the window, into the closest body of...

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Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs

While there has been a lot of Apple news today, we can't forget that one of the founders of the company, Steve Jobs, has a birthday. Yep, Steve turns 56 today, and health concerns aside, we hope he has a great one. Over the years he's had a profound influence on our daily lives. From revolutioni...

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Happy 10th Birthday, iTunes!

You've come a long way, baby. Back on your birthday on January 9, 2001 at Macworld Expo, you were just a music player and manager -- the Apple-ized offspring of SoundJam MP, given a fresh face. Soon enough, though, you would become the conduit for iPod synchronization, the platform for music and vid...

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New birthday icon for Calendar in iOS 4.2

The release of iOS 4.2 has brought us a nice little surprise in the form of the new icon shown in this post. If you're tracking birthdays in your Contacts application, those birthdays will appear in your iCal calendar with a little gift package icon. It's a nice little touch to the friendly organize...

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Edible iPhone birthday cake

And you thought that store-bought $10 cake you got for your birthday was cool. Sure to be the envy of Apple fanboys everywhere, Chris Samuels -- an independent iPhone and iPad developer -- received this detailed iPhone cake for his birthday from his wife Cath. Everything on (and inside) the cake is...

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Happy 10th birthday to Mac OS X Hints

Because we veteran Mac sites have to stick together, we're sending congratulations out to the good folks over at Mac OS X Hints, who yesterday turned the ripe old age (in blogging years, anyway) of ten years old. The site, created by Rob Griffiths and now run by Macworld, continues to be a terrific...

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Welcome to the terrible twos: Happy 2nd Birthday, App Store!

You could argue that the App Store ages in Internet time (it's like dog years, only slightly faster), so in terms of its mental age it might be closer to a gawky adolescent than a human two-year-old. Nevertheless, as we mark the 2nd anniversary of the launch of the App Store back in July of 2008, in...

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Happy 34th birthday, Apple!

It's hard to believe, but Apple has been around for 34 years today. On April 1, 1976, Apple Computer, Inc. was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The company had an amazing childhood (Apple II, Mac), an awkward adolescence where it nearly killed itself with a broad, unfocused product line (...

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Happy birthday! Mac OS X turns 9

It was nine years ago today that Mac OS X 10.0 was born -- or became available to the general public anyway. On September 13, 2000 Apple released a public beta called "Kodiak" (think of this as OS X's conception). On March 24, 2001 Apple effectively ditched OS 9 for the current generation OS that wo...

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Steve Jobs turns 55

It's February 24, 2010, which means that Steve Jobs has his 55th birthday today. Not many people get to start up a company and then develop several completely new markets during their lives. Steve Jobs has been intimately involved with popularizing a number of devices during his lifetime: the per...

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Happy 26th Birthday, Mac!

Despite all odds, the Mac has survived to its 26th birthday. On January 24th, 1984, Steve Jobs pulled a 128K Mac out of its case in front of a crowd of reporters, turned it on, and let the computer introduce itself to the world. The rest, as they say, is history. We've seen our favorite comput...

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Two years with the iPhone

On June 29, 2007, Apple and AT&T released the iPhone for $600 to crowded stores throughout the United States. A whole lot has changed in the iPhone-world in just 2 short years. The 1.0 software is just a distant memory, and looking back I'm a little surprised how limited the original iPhone was...

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