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ted: episode downloader for bittorrent

In the past we've covered the Mac application TV Shows, which automates starting bittorrents for tv show episodes. Sadly, it hasn't been updated in a while (though the main page still promises an update soon). However, I recently ran across another application that works in a similar way called ted....

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Transmission 1.2 released

If you're a fan of the ever so popular BitTorrent client, Transmission, then you might like to hear that a new version was just released. According to the release notes some of the fixes included: You can now reset global statistics Support of multitracker torrents has been improved UPnP por...

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Show floor video: Netgear ReadyNAS stores and plays it all

Netgear's ReadyNAS is a NAS, yes, but it comes pre-configured with an iTunes server, bittorent, wireless disk and printer support and more. Quite the plug-and-play darling, Netgear was kind enough to create some Mac-friendly tools to manage the thing (it's got a Widget!). You can configure the thing...

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Transmission shifts into 1st gear

Transmission, long available in beta form, is one of my favorite torrent clients. BitTorrent, as you probably know, is a way to transfer or share files over the internet, for free, using a 'swarm' model to speed files along. Transmission makes the downloading of those files quite stunning, with its ...

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Starting bittorrent downloads remotely from the iPhone

I like Mac OS X Hints a lot, although I will admit that most of the hints they post just aren't for me-- either they're for things that I just don't have a need to do, or they're for things I already figured out a solution for on my own. But lately, I've been trying to figure out if there was a way ...

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Transmission .90 released

Transmission - the open source, lightweight BitTorrent client that is the closest alternative to uTorrent that us Mac users can get - has just released version .90. New features added in this update include: Encryption support (finally!), with an option to ignore unencrypted peers The ability ...

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Acquisition 2

Acquisition, the best looking BitTorrent client on OS X, has just been updated to version 2.0. This update is all about refinement. The UI has been enhanced, the search list can now have folders in it, the downloads view has been improved, and much more. Acquisition Pro will set you back $24, though...

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NBC to offer content, DRM via NBC Direct

The latest news in the NBC/Apple battle? NBC is going to make their own iTunes. With blackjack! And women! In fact, forget the blackjack and the women-- they're calling it "NBC Direct," and a brand new player (not available on Mac for a little while, go figure) will be used to download and play tele...

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Transmission 0.8 released with selective file downloads, UI changes and much more

You TUAW readers have spoken loud and clear: Transmission is your favorite BitTorrent client. If you're nodding your head right now, you'll be happy to know that v0.8 of the cross-platform app has gone official, ushering in a boatload of new features and fixes for all OSes it works on, as well as...

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Xtorrent 1.1 beta 1 released with major new features

Dave Watanabe has released v1.1 beta of Xtorrent, his excellent BitTorrent client. With this major x.1 release, Watanabe has included some significant new features like individual file selection, file prioritization, individual file completion status, and improved privacy options. Watanabe has up...

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Running a bittorrent client from the iPhone

A few days ago, TorrentFreak speculated about how someone might create a bittorrent client for the iPhone. While it seems technically possible (except for that nagging "no SDK" problem, which makes it hard to get code running on there), you might question why it needs to be done - since there are ...

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uTorrent for Mac

Lots of the youngsters out there are clogging up the Internet tubes with their torrents and their Rock and Roll music. Sadly, the choice of BitTorrent clients (BitTorrent, in case you aren't familiar, is a distributed peer to peer downloading protocol. The more people who download something, the fas...

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Transmisison 0.71 Fixes Announce Issue

One of the things I love about OS X is the fact that for pretty much any conceivable task, there are multiple applications to choose from with which to do it. Unfortunately, this hasn't really been the case when it comes to BitTorrent clients. Yes, there may have been multiple native clients out the...

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Transmission 0.7 bittorrent client released

Almost a year after the last version, (and sporting a spiffy new icon) the open-source bittorrent client Transmission has been updated to version 0.7. In addition to numerous bug-fixes, highlights of this version include automatic port mapping, individual torrent bandwidth limits, user-ordering of t...

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Xtorrent 1.0 v40 released with per-torrent bandwidth throttling, list of big features to come

It isn't often that developers unveil their cards, but when they do, their user's ears typically perk up. Such is the case with Dave Watanabe's release of Xtorrent 1.0 v40 in which he announced two big new features now, and a few juicy ones coming down the road. As of this new version, Xtorrent Pr...

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