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Another Apple event, still no new black MacBook

I want a black MacBook, you want a black MacBook, we all want black MacBooks, so where is our black MacBook? We got a lot of cool things at yesterday's special event, including an über iMac, a more powerful yet less expensive Mac mini, and of course the new version of OS X you definitely i...

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I want a new black MacBook

There is a stark contrast between Apple's use of color on its computer hardware and its mobile devices. You can get an iPod, iPhone, and to a lesser extent, an iPad, in a number of hues, but ever since the black polycarbonate MacBook bit the dust in 2009, there's been a distinct lack of flavor in ...

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Welcome to The Dark Side

Is there anyone who didn't love the black MacBook? [Photo Credit: Felixtriller]...

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What every superhero needs: Watchmen black SE/30

Even though reviewers and early attendees have pointed out a slew of Apple references (including a snippet of the 1984 ad) in the Watchmen film, the one we've been waiting for most eagerly is the appearance of Adrian (Ozymandias) Veidt's sleek black SE/30. In the film version of 1985, it's what ever...

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How to tweak the Leopard Dock's color

Earlier, I posted about how you can revert those new lights in Leopard's Dock back to Tiger's old triangles (and I can't say I was too surprised to find out that most of you didn't want to revert anything-- do what feels right, man), and I said that the next thing to go would be Leopard's shiny Dock...

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Flickr Find: 40 Nanos laid out

Aaron bought 40 of the new iPod nanos for a client (all he says is that he had to put content on them), and apparently was struck by how beautiful they were all lined up together, so he got a quick photo shoot set up on Flickr. While I called them stubby and squished before, I have to admit that ...

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iMac design vs. Audi

We've already seen the iPhone's influence on the new iMac, but the Audi? A British ConceptCar site claims the aluminum and glass casing of the new iMac reminded them of another chrome, aluminum and glass design-- that of an Audi. As you can see in the picture above, the comparison kind of works. K...

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MacBook Hygiene

There's a curious meme on the web today: how to clean your MacBook effectively. Over at MacApper, Josh Holloway has apparently discovered (via InsanelyMac) that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is the key to black Mac nirvana. And in an apparently unrelated post over at the FreeMacBlog Brian Stucki has de...

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Will Apple release a black iMac?

With the second quarter of 2007 approaching, people are thinking about hardware updates from Apple. According to MacScoop, Apple may make a black 24" iMac available with the next revision, possibly in March. When the original black iPod sold so well, Apple made the color available to other iPods, a...

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First hand pictures of the new U2 iPod

Ash over at techpaedia dropped us a line to let us know about some photos he took of the new U2 iPod at an Apple retail store. The four photos over at his site show the rear black metal enclosure a little more clearly than the official ones on Apple's site. Ash reports that "like the traditional st...

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The U2 iPod makes a 5th generation encore

Apple has re-released the U2 iPod in the form of a red and black 5G iPod with video. The new U2 iPod features one design element to differentiate it from the normal 5G iPod and the previous U2 iPod: "an all-black stainless steel enclosure" or (as a subtitle underneath a picture of the U2 iPod mentio...

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Rig of the Day: What else?

Picking a rig to highlight this afternoon was pretty easy. Flickr user cdevroe has posted some nice shots of his brand new, not-even-24-hours-old MacBook. In black, no less. We're jealous. "Macbook" by posted by cdevroe. If you'd like to see your own rig featured here, simply upload photos into our...

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TUAW Poll: Would you buy a black MacBook?

Two hundred dollars for 20GB and black paint?!? Has Apple gone mad? Still, that black MacBook is a seriously good looking machine. So, TUAWers, what's the verdict? Have you got an extra two hundred bucks for Steve? Take our poll and check back tomorrow for the results. Woul...

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