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Blogo 1.1 emerges from Brainjuice

Attention all bloggers! The nerd bunnies at Brainjuice have just released Blogo 1.1, the latest take on their Mac OS X blogging tool. Blogo 1.1 now includes support for Drupal and Twitter in addition to WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, typo, and MovableType. The new Twitter support allows users to post ...

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MarsEdit 2.1.3 helps keep drafts in WP and Blogger

Daniel Jalkut posts that TUAW's favorite blogging app, MarsEdit, has hit version 2.1.3. Mainly a bug fix update, the biggest change is that drafts in WordPress and Blogger are now better handled -- their "draft" status is apparently better preserved. Additionally, a few markup elements, specifically...

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Well hello there!

Greetings, TUAW readers. England calling! It's great to be here, writing alongside a great team of Apple-loving bloggers. Eagle-eyed readers may notice that I'm joining from Download Squad just like fellow newcomer Lisa Hoover, and boy am I excited. Us Europeans, whilst lacking the iPhone, iTunes Vi...

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Why, hello there.

I had my own personal unboxing of the new 24" iMac (yes, it's every wonderful thing you've heard, and more) and sat down to migrate all the info from my old Mac. Just as I was thinking life couldn't get any better, I got an invitation to join the TUAW team. I fainted, but of course made sure to fall...

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More ecto 3 details, a screenshot and roadmap revealed

Adriaan Tijsseling, developer of the Mac OS X version of the ecto blogging client, has been teasing us with sneak peeks and development details for some time now, but he's just posted another more revealing screenshot of ecto3, along with more details and a basic roadmap. Adriaan has touted ecto3...

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MarsEdit 1.2 lands with Growl, Picasa and Vox support

Making good on his word after purchasing MarsEdit from Brent Simmons, Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software has quickly taken up development of the blogging client. Today Daniel released MarsEdit 1.2, a minor update that brings some great features like Growl support (when publishing, refreshing o...

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Another bite of the unofficial Apple

Hey TUAW, I'm Alex, the newest blogger around these parts. The first Mac I ever handled was one of the later Performa models. It was a beige beast of a computer attached to an ABI Prism DNA Sequencer, and I remember thinking how odd it was that there was only one mouse button. This was at a time in ...

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Dan Lurie Incoming

Macs are beautiful. Macs are elegant. Macs embody the spirit of technological innovation and cultural progress we find so readily in this exciting period of human history. As we as a civilization explore and find new ways to interact with and manipulate information, we must have tools that allow us ...

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Widget Watch: Blogger

David already mentioned this widget in his round-up post of the new Google widgets, but I thought it deserved its own post in case you missed it. Today's widget is a Dashboard widget that allows you to post to your Blogger blog. It's pretty straightforward-enter your username and password and select...

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Google serves up Dashboard widgets

Marshall Kirkpatrick over at The Social Software Weblog (a sister Weblogs, Inc. blog) noticed that Google has produced some Dashboard widgets just for us Mac folks. The first is a Blogger widget, allowing (you guessed it) quick and easy posting to Blogger. It even accepts standard shortcuts for bold...

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Google Couldn't Find a Mac Developer for the Blogger Word plug-in

Looks like my wrath at Google for releasing a Word to Blogger plugin that was Windows only wasn't entirely their fault. Jason Shellen notes on his blog: "As Ev mentioned in his post, the biggest tradeoff is that this is Windows-only. As a Mac-fan I tried to find a good developer to do a Mac version ...

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Where Blogger Fails (or, My Gripe with Internet Companies)

Have you heard the really cool news? There's a new Blogger for Word toolbar that lets you post directly to your Blogger-brand blog via the world's most prevalent word processor: Microsoft Word. However, it's not Mac compatible. I'm used to things not being Mac compatible, but this really irks me....

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