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Apple cuts iAd buy-in fees

Since Apple announced the iAd mobile advertising service last year, the success of the service has been in question. Now Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is cutting rates for iAds by as much as 70% to attract marquee clients. As noted in today's post, Apple was initially charging clients US$1 m...

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Report: Apple to expand AirPlay plans

Man, I could have told you this one: Bloomberg is reporting that Apple plans to extend its AirPlay service out even further, licensing it out to television sets that would then be able to receive and display video directly from iDevices -- bypassing the need to plug in an Apple TV and pay $99. ...

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Bloomberg: Apple prepping cheaper phones?

Rumors of a smaller, cheaper iPhone are definitely not new and have floated around for nearly the life of the device. But Bloomberg has an article out today saying that Steve Jobs, despite being out on medical leave, is involved in strategic decisions involving a smaller, cheaper, more universal iPh...

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Bloomberg: Apple's net income rose 47 percent

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is helping to drive U.S. corporations to the most-profitable Q4 since Bill Clinton's early days in the White House, when the PowerBook Duo was the latest in subnotebooks (and only weighed a mere 4.1 pounds!) Of course, this isn't exactly news to us, as Deutsche Bank...

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JPMorgan iPad distribution confirmed, says Bloomberg

According to an email obtained by Bloomberg, JPMorgan Chase & Co will be handing out free iPads to all associates in its global investment banking division (that's investment bankers for you and me). In a pilot program to last until May 2011, the bankers will trial the device to see how well ...

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Bloomberg Game Changers to feature segment on Steve Jobs

The brand-new documentary series Bloomberg Game Changers will air its second episode on Thursday, October 14th at 9:00 PM ET with Steve Jobs as the subject. It will feature interviews with a who's who from Apple's history, including Steve Wozniak, John Scully, Robert X. Cringley and Guy Kawasaki. Ad...

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Apple: No early knowledge of iPhone 4 antenna issues

What a roller-coaster day! The Wall Street Journal is now quoting Apple throwing cold water directly on today's Bloomberg story. Bloomberg had reported that an Apple engineer had warned company execs about the problems with the new iPhone 4 antenna design early in the development process for the pho...

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Bloomberg: vPhone coming in January

That iPhone on Verizon rumor just won't die -- Bloomberg is now reporting that we'll see an iPhone on Verizon's service in January of next year. "Two people familiar with the plans" say that AT&T exclusivity will finally end next year, and analysts say that if that happens, Apple will sell lots ...

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AOL Daily Finance app raises the bar for iPhone investment tools

The Finance section of the App Store does feature some heavy-hitters (Bloomberg, ATM Hunter) and some fairly weak beer too. A lot of these apps are unitaskers, particularly when it comes to stock quotes and charting. For a full-featured and free investment information portal, and a strong competitor...

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Apple makes Fortune's list of bonehead moves (twice), still a best place to work

With the end of the year comes the cavalcade of best and worst lists, just in case you didn't know what was best and what was worst over the course of the year. Apple made's list of "50 Best Places to Work," placing 19th. It scored a 3.8 out of five, and 90 percent of employees approve...

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Courts dismiss iPhone battery lawsuit

If you remember when the first, first-generation iPhone launched, Jose Trujillo sued Apple over the fact that the handset has a non-removable battery. That lawsuit has now been dismissed. U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly said in his opinion, "Apple disclosed on the outside of the iPhone package ...

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Fear the Bloomberg Bozo

One of my Denver-area buddies, fellow Apple consultant J. Charles Holt of PEBMAC, was checking the Bloomberg Mobile iPhone application (click opens iTunes) this morning to see how the market was doing. What he found in the app is something downright weird -- Bozo the Clown. Charles originally posted...

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First Look: Bloomberg

I'm the first to admit that I am no financial whiz. I know very little about stocks, bonds, and money in general (I'm a blogger after all), however, I do know a thing or two about iPhone apps. Imagine my surprise that one of my favorite iPhone apps is the Bloomberg app (shocking, I know!). Bloomberg...

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Apple's retail chief on iPhone activations

Worried that you might be spending a lot of time waiting for that shiny new iPhone 3G to be activated? Well, never fear because the nice people at the Apple Store are there to help you. interviewed Apple's retail chief, Ron Johnson, about the iPhone retail activation process. "Apple s...

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