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Blurrycam Theatre Presents: Fakers gotta fake a next-gen iPhone dock adapter

Remember the fake "iPhone 5 website leak" from last year? To briefly summarize, Apple was supposed to have screwed up last August, with some unlucky soul in the web commerce group posting the "iPhone 5" section early on the Apple Store, accessible only through the internet equivalent of the Kon...

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Blurrycam Theatre Presents: The i(have too much free time)Phone 5

Usually, tipsters looking to prank us with a faked shot of an unreleased Apple product will send us something like the fake iPod classic we saw a few months ago. You know, the classic Blurrycam shot, where it's obvious that A) the tipster has no idea how to use his camera's focus, and B) also h...

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Blurrycam Theatre Presents: The classically fake iPod classic

We get purported product leak pics sent to us all the time, and of course, the vast majority of them are fake. In an era when anyone with free time and a copy of Photoshop can slap together something that's convincing at first glance, we're sort of jaded when we look at these Blurrycam photos. In...

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