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Mark Frauenfelder on maker culture, openness and Apple

I'm attending Respect The Internet in NYC, a one-day Ketchum conference highlighting the sometimes tenuous and touchy relationship between online culture and traditional marketing/media. Among the morning's star presenters was Boing Boing founder and MAKE magazine/Maker Faire standard bearer Mark F...

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One more roundup of iPhone wallpapers

Tons of iPhone wallpapers out now-- here's a last roundup of what we've seen so far. The good bloggers at BoingBoing are going iPhone wallpaper crazy-- they've posted this terrific Sad Mac wallpaper, as well as a collection of erotic wallpapers, if you swing that way. Oh, and hey, unicorns! Hy...

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Steven Levy on BoingBoing podcast

Steven Levy, the author of The Perfect Thing (reviewed here), is the guest on Boing Boing's fourth Get Illuminated podcast (warning, some things on Boing Boing may not be work safe). He discusses the all things iPod with Mark Frauenfelder. Steven's audio is a little rough around the edges, but the p...

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Get that authentic "cinema experience" on your Mac

You know the "cinema experience" that movie executives keep harping on about? Y'know, the "experience" that cinemas use to justify stupidly high snack and ticket prices? Well, a company has created a program that lets you relive this authentic experience from the comfort of your Mac. Peanut Gallery...

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