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Cut the barcode scanning cord with CLZ Barry for iPhone

Did you have a New Year's resolution to organize your book collection (again)? It's definitely on the list in our household, but it's a daunting job; we have thousands of books (literally and literarily) scattered across many shelves, basement boxes and a home office, plus another whole library a...

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Sorry folks, book publishers don't know Apple's plans

I've been working on a book for the next version of iPhoto for a while now. I have some friends who have been working on a book for the next version of iWork since last August, too. Matter of fact, my iPhoto book has a publishing date of March 31, 2013. These books are being written for Pearson...

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New iPad mini commercials debut

Apple has released two new TV ads for the iPad mini. Following on the success of the popular "Piano" commercial, "Photos" and "Books" (seen below) both capture the idea that the iPad mini can do everything that its bigger sibling can do, just in a smaller form factor. "Photos" features the vo...

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DevJuice: Ray Wenderlich releases new iOS 6 learning book

Ray Wenderlich is a really nice guy and a good instructor. His site offers a huge number of tutorials suitable for new and experienced iOS developers, written by his in-house team of experts. (Update: Ray just wrote me and asked me to emphasize that, so I bolded it.) Now, he's ...

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DC Comics makes deal for Kindle, iBookstore, and Nook

I've written a few times here about Comixology and its strong hold on comics on the iPad, and DC Comics has now signed a deal to put its funny books on three big digital platforms, including Apple's iBookstore. iBooks already had some DC graphic novels available, but this deal is set up to brin...

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Siri and Me is a new book from Goodnight, iPad author

Goodnight, iPad creator David Milgrim is back again with another Apple-based parody book. His latest work, Siri & Me: A Modern Love Story, is clearly aimed at those tech geeks who enjoy spending quality time with their special friend Siri. You can see a preview of the book below and hop ove...

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Apple calls Dept. of Justice settlement proposal unlawful

Apple is making it known that it will not accept the ebook settlement terms proposed by the Department of Justice, says a report in Paid Content. Under the DOJ's proposal, Apple would have to sever its current contracts and renegotiate new ones with three book publishers - HarperCollins, Hachette...

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iBooks gets its first DC Comics title: Batman: Earth One

DC Comics has been publishing titles on the iPad for a while now, both in the official DC Comics app and in the Comixology app (which, as you may know, actually produces the official app anyway). But DC is now finally turning to iBooks to sell comics as well, with an iBooks version of the Batma...

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TED Books launches store, subscriptions

The TED Conference is expanding its iOS offerings with a new app that'll let users read short electronic books from the popular series of intellectual presentations. The new Ted Books app includes articles that are 20,000 words or less and can be digested in a single sitting. The platform that ...

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Reading Rainbow app coming tonight, will be subscription-based (updated)

If you're right around my age (a couple years past 30), you'll probably also have fond memories of watching Levar Burton's Reading Rainbow program on PBS all those years ago. Burton, in addition with his work on Star Trek, has remained a pretty well-known figure for both Trekkies and those in e...

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iPad covers made from children's books

This Etsy seller has come up with a really great idea for iPad cases: Make them out of famous childrens' books. Seller chicklitdesigns has taken the covers of old printings of The Giving Tree, Cat in the Hat, and even Moby Dick, and turned them into cases for iPads, Kindles, and other tablets, ...

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TUAW Bookshelf -- The Business of iPhone and iPad Development: Making and Marketing Apps

A recommendation by Chris Forsythe pointed me to Dave Wooldridge and Michael Schneider's book "The Business of iPhone and iPad Development: Making and Marketing Apps" (Apress, 2011). A practical primer on creating your business plan, the book offers advice on topics diverse as protecting yo...

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Google Play Books updated with new bookmarks, text selection

Google's Google Play Books market isn't just for Android devices. There's also an iOS app available to read content purchased on that market, and it's just been updated with some new features. Bookmarks let you place a bookmark by touching the top right corner. You can also highlight and even p...

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"Bartending" chronicles life as a former Apple Genius

Former Apple Genius Stephen Hackett recounted his years working at an Apple Store in his recent book, Bartending: Memoirs of an Apple Genius. The short book is just under 50 pages and details the customers and problems Hackett saw while working as a Genius. It's a lighthearted, personal rea...

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Macworld says the new iPad's screen is underrated

"Is that the new one?" one of my workmates asked of the iPad sitting on my desk in its upright dock. "Yep," I said, and showed him the screen. He played around with it for a few seconds and said, "Huh. It doesn't look all that different, does it?" "Are you kidding?" I said, and grabbed my o...

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