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Etón rukus XL: Bluetooth boombox for fun in the sun

Etón's alternative-energy accessories for Apple devices are a favorite here at TUAW, so when the company announced its new rukus XL solar-powered boombox (US$199.99) today, we just had to take a look. Available at Amazon.com and Crutchfield.com, the rukus XL features a big 72-square-inch s...

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iHome offers a few Bluetooth solutions and a boombox at CES 2013

iHome is one of the biggest iOS accessory sellers out there, and they always have a huge presence at CES, with a big booth showing off all of the company's latest and greatest wares. Unfortunately, the product lines can often be hard to navigate -- lately, the company has insisted on using a nu...

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DIY iPhone boombox built with a ShopBot

The ShopBot is a sort of an electronic saw, a special setup designed to do some computer-aided cutting and carving work on big planks of board. It's quite useful for woodworking or making things like skateboards or surfboards. Odds are that you don't have one, but nevertheless, just such a device ...

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How iPod docks have reshaped movies

TV shows and movies often reflect the prevailing pop cultural themes of their day and age. One fixture from the eighties and early nineties was the boombox. Like big hair, Members Only jackets, and women wearing shoulder pad-laden tops, boomboxes were seemingly everywhere during that era. You'd be h...

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Altec video screen kind of misses the point

The video iPod is tiny. Tiny and more than a bit hard to watch. So when Altec introduces a "high resolution" LCD display to magnify the iPod video, I pay attention... until I find out that the $350 iMV712 screen is just 8.5 inches (one presumes diagonally) big and designed for nonportability. That...

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Home grown boombox bag

Who needs an iPod Hi Fi? Not Shannon Okey. In her book knitgrrl, she shows off a great "boombox" bag she made. The front pocket holds an iPod, which in turn connects to "...a set of cheap Radio Shack speakers" on the bag's interior. I think this is pretty nice (and a heck of a lo...

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DIY iPod boom box

The new iPod Hi-Fi looks really cool, but who has $350US sitting around doing nothing? Why now whip up your own solution from the parts you probably have sitting around your house right now? That's what Phillip over at Make:Blog did. Buy hacking an iPod speaker unit together with an old pair of App...

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Apple announces iPod Hi-Fi

Apple announced the new iPod Hi-Fi at this morning's special event. While it's not terrifically exciting, it's an alternative (albeit a pricey one at $349) to third party iPod speakers. The Hi-Fi features a Universal Dock into which you can slide your iPod and another spot on the back for an iPod sh...

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