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Tag: bose

TUAW Tip: Veency remote controls your iPhone from your Mac

Reader Kevin C. sent us a tip the other day -- he recently got a Bose SoundDock II, which is a nice little speaker dock, as a Christmas gift, and he wants to know: with his iPhone sitting all the way across the room, is there any way he can control the iPhone from his Mac? Obviously there are lots...

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Found Footage: Bose headphones grafted onto Apple inline remote

Our buddies over at Engadget turned us on to this short video, in which modder Freddy Deeble created a sonic hybrid -- a pair of Bose headphones using an Apple inline remote. If you're handy with a pair of wire cutters, a small screwdriver, and a soldering iron, then you can mimic how Mr....

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Bose SoundDock: now in black

Have a black iPod and a black MacBook? Well, now your SoundDock can match both of them. That's right, Bose has introduced a black model of their popular iPod speaker system for $299. Don't worry, the white version is still available. [via Krunker]...

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