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Macworld 2010: Box.net now supported in QuickOffice iPhone app

The storage mavens at Box.net took a few moments for us on the show floor at Macworld this week to demo the iPhone app that links to their service, which provides quick and consistent access to all your stored files; you can also view common file types, and even send download links to folders or fil...

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A boxful of awesome: Box.net iPhone

Update 2: Box.net will work with first generation iPod Touch units. The team is going to push an update very soon to make this visible on the app description page. You can download the program right now and it is fully compatible with all iPhone and iPod Touch units. Update: Box.net is looking into...

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Automator Action: Upload to Box.net

We mentioned Box.net, an iDisk-like online hard drive service, back when we could begin mounting them on our Macs. To simplify uploading files to your Box.net account, Daniel Ryan has created an Automator action that not only lets you upload with a simple right click, but it also takes care of chang...

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Two ways to share iCal without .Mac

iCal is great. I love the elegant interface, integration with other applications, and most of all, I love how easy it is to publish and share my calenders though .Mac. Unfortunately, paying 60 bucks a year just so I can share my calenders is just not something I can justify. Lucky for cheapskates li...

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Mount a Box.net account on a Mac

Box.net is an iDisk-like service that allows you to mount an 'internet hard drive' on your desktop (they offer both free and paid accounts). Great for easily and securely backing up, syncing and sharing files between computers. Previously, they apparently only offered a client for PCs, but UNEASYsi...

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