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Growl 2.0 works with Mountain Lion notifications

Good news for Growl users running Mountain Lion. The notification system has been updated to version 2.0 with support for OS X's built-in Notification Center. Now you can choose to have messages pop up in Growl or get pushed to Notification Center, keeping everything in one place. Also, Growl ha...

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Boxcar Beta for Mac available, brings notifications to Mac

Today brings a delightful surprise for Mac users with Boxcar joining the Mac family. Boxcar has been the standard for getting push notifications from your social networks, email, RSS and other services on iOS devices since it launched in July of 2009, and it has been one of my favorite iPhone a...

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Apple to redesign iOS notification system

Cult of Mac is reporting that Apple is planning a revamp to its iOS notification system. iOS's current notification system, which is used for everything from text messages to push notifications, has remained virtually unchanged since the introduction of the original iPhone in 2007. The current notif...

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Boxcar 4.0 vastly improves on iPhone notifications

While people who have used both iOS and Android devices will argue over which OS exhibits a greater degree of polish, Android definitely has the better notification system. Even the addition of multitasking to iOS 4 did little to improve the state of notifications on iOS devices compared to Android....

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Boxcar, Byline now free and ad-supported

Here's news of two big apps that have gone free (with ads) in the past week. Boxcar is up first -- the app pushes notifications from any number of social and information services out to your iPhone or iPad, so you can know when you've got a Twitter DM or a Growl notice waiting for you elsewhere. Bo...

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Get your social notifications on the cheap with Boxcar

Since the arrival of the Push Notifications feature in iPhone OS 3.0, all manner of apps have added support for it. Games, task management applications, you name it -- they're all more than happy to make your phone beep at you in the middle of the night and prompt your spouse to kindly insist that y...

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