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Boxee goes beta

After what has seemingly been a never-ending "alpha" period for the famous XBMC fork, Boxee, tonight the Boxee crew have finally (as expected) unveiled the first beta release of Boxee. For starters, they have totally revamped the user interface especially surrounding the home screen. Up top are t...

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Boxee beta announced for December 7 release

An e-mail sent to Boxee users this morning reveals that the beta version of Boxee will be unveiled at a special event in New York City on December 7 at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. The beta news comes on the heels of a Boxee box being planned for a 2010 release. The beta release of Boxee inclu...

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Boxee boxes available in 2010

On the boxee blog this morning, Avner Ronen announced a new and exciting partnership with an undisclosed consumer electronics company that will result in a dedicated device for users who want to use Boxee as a home theater system. They were quick to say that they're still looking to develop Boxee...

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Hippo Remote is a great app, now you can win a copy

I've become very accustomed to remote-controlling my computers for a while, but nothing ever seemed to get it right. Apple's Remote for iTunes is great, of course, but what about all my other stuff on my Mac, like Boxee or VLC? Yeah, you can get some specific remotes for those apps (frankly the VLC ...

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TUAW Guide: Setting up the Ultimate Mac mini Home Theater

The Mac mini has always been the perfect form factor for a media center appliance (often called a Home Theater PC/HTPC). It's extremely small, almost completely silent and it can easily blend into an existing electronics shelf - or be hidden away completely. The lack of a refresh (and rumors that t...

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Boxee secures Series B round, plans for more features and more developers

Just eight-months after closing a Series A round of financing, media center startup Boxee has just closed another round of financing. The Boxee team has secured another $6 million in funding, led by Boston-based General Catalyst. Given the economic climate (especially for start-ups), two financing r...

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Confession: I hate my Apple TV

I can be silent no longer. I have tried for nearly a year to love my Apple TV; yet every time I try to do anything beyond playing music with it, I begin to unconsciously claw my eyes out. I think that Apple TV is the worst product I have purchased that has come out of Cupertino -- and in many ways, ...

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Hulu Desktop app gives full-screen experience to Mac users

NBC's online video site, Hulu, has launched a desktop app that allows Mac users to watch Hulu content without using a web browser, and with full Apple Remote support. After all of the boxee nastiness, I'm a bit surprised by the development. That doesn't mean this isn't still exciting. For som...

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Boxee alpha boasts API, Hulu-stomping browser and Pandora

Boxee is having a massive meet-up in NYC tonight and is unveiling a new version of the alpha that brings more features, some Hulu manageability, and a new API. Fire up the update function in your Apple TV or OS X copies of boxee and get in on the fun! Tonight's new release brings in some new featu...

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Boxee remote app for iPhone and iPod Touch available on App Store

We've made no secret of our love for the Boxee media center. Its lovable interface works great from 2ft. to 20ft. and covers just about everything an HTPC should on both the Apple TV and Mac mini. Now, after weeks of being in review, the folks over at the Boxee blog have finally announced the availa...

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Boxee launches update, "App Box" and Hulu RSS support

My favorite media center software, boxee, has just released a new alpha update for Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 users and Apple TV users. This update, which the boxee team classifies as bleeding-edge (which means, if you don't want to deal with any potential bugs, wait for the more stable release schedu...

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Plex Media Server beta adds plugin architecture

As we've noted before Plex (formerly OSXBMC) is the open-source media center application derived from XBMC (as was Boxee). They've recently announced the release of version 0.78beta adding an interesting new feature: the Plex App Store. The Plex App Store (which actually doesn't seem to be a store...

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Hack Patrol: Restore Hulu to Boxee

As one might expect in the hubub following Hulu's decision to block Boxee users from streaming its content, a technical work around has now popped up. Over at Lifehacker they've got complete instructions for installing a plugin for XBMC / Boxee that will bring back the brain-softening stream. It ap...

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Boxee forced to remove Hulu

As a boxee user/proselytizer, I am gutted over the latest news: Hulu will be removed from boxee as of Friday (February 20, 2009). Hulu gives some insight into its request for removal from boxee in its blog post and at least Hulu seems to understand that this decision will be extremely unpopular f...

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Boxee opens up alpha, adds iPlayer support for UK users

It isn't just about Macworld; shockingly there is some other tech news happening this week as well. Our pals over at boxee have just announced a new version, some love for UK users and some great news: no more invites needed! Instead of hounding me (I kid, I never minded) for a boxee invite, you ca...

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