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Apple's plans for your living room: On Apple TV, "iTV", Siri, and all the rest

The "iTV" rumourmill -- speculation that Apple will be releasing a full-size television, screen and all -- is back to full speed again. I've long been skeptical about this possibility, but even I have to concede that we reached the "no smoke without fire" level some time ago. The rumours are to...

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Boxee Mac media player reaches end-of-life with new version

The Boxee project has come a long way from its humble origins as a fork of the Xbox Media Center, bringing easy video playback and a couch-to-screen UI to the Mac, then later to Windows and Ubuntu, and now to the company's own dedicated Boxee Box hardware (soon to support live broadcast TV). There...

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Hands on with Boxee for iPad and Boxee Box v1.2

The long-awaited Boxee for iPad app went live yesterday and quickly rose to the #13th most popular free app for iPad. Simultaneously, Boxee released a new firmware version for the Boxee Box set-top media player, v1.2, with some new Apple-friendly features like AirPlay and AFP support. We've gon...

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Boxee offers sneak peek at iPad app in London

Boxee showed off its iPad app at a small East London gathering this week. The new app is not yet available, but those who attended the sold out event got a sneak peek of what Boxee has in store for its iPad users. Boxee is home theater PC software that runs on a Windows, Mac, or Linux compute...

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Boxee to add iPad support, more in May

Boxee confirmed on its blog that its next update will add support for the Apple iPad. The streaming content provider will release the Boxee for iPad app that will let you stream content from your Boxee Box to your Apple iPad over a wireless connection. This feature would be ideal for some late ni...

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