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Rumor: Apple field testing revised iPhone 4

With all of the hoopla about the alleged Verizon iPhone now being stirred up by such illustrious sources as the Wall Street Journal, it's surprising that we haven't seen much physical proof of the device turning up. Usually there are a few good leaked photos, devices are left in bars, and excited en...

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Code shows future iOS devices currently in testing

I don't know how much of a newsflash it really is that Apple is working on brand new versions of the iPhone and iPad, but just in case you thought that the current iterations were the last, let's set the record straight. Code in the latest iOS release shows that Apple is currently working on "unrel...

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Making your iPad 3G work in Canada

If today's news about Rogers' rate plans for the iPhone left you feeling a bit cold about your 3G options for an iPad in Canada, perhaps this BoyGeniusReport story will warm you up. BGR walks you through the steps necessary to make your iPad work with various providers in Canada. As the old sayin...

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Apple giving huge discounts on Black Friday? No way!

The boy geniuses over at Boy Genius Report are getting a lot of hits out of a story they ran late yesterday. Apparently, one of their contacts tipped them to a "shot of Apple's yearly Black Friday deals" that is "reported to be something Apple will email out shortly." The email (seen at right, paste...

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BGR brings the pain: ten things wrong with the iPhone

Yesterday's Boy Genius Report post citing the top ten deficiencies of the iPhone (no copy & paste, no video recording, and more) has generated more than 100 responses, some suggesting a fix for many failings (jailbreak the phone) and others hopping on the Blackberry or Palm Pre bandwagons in the...

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Walmart to carry iPhone, but not 4GB, not for $99

Whither the cheap, low-capacity Walmart iPhone? MacRumors' Arnold Kim now anticipates that Walmart will be offering 8GB iPhones for $197, with no mention of smaller capacities or lower prices. The price is two bucks cheaper than at an AT&T retail store. MacBlogz's Aviv Hadar mentioned late last ...

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BGR: Walmart to sell $99 iPhone?

Your source for all iPhone-slash-Walmart news, BoyGeniusReport, has a whopper for you: Walmart might offer the 4GB iPhone for $99 when they start selling the handsets after Christmas. Even they're skeptical, though: Their tipster isn't one of their regulars, and so they can't say with any certainty...

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BGR: Walmart to carry iPhone 3G for Black Friday

The Boy Genius Report claims that they received a report saying Walmart may become the second independent retailer in the U.S. to carry the iPhone. The big box retailer is expected to begin selling the iPhone about two weeks before Black Friday, on November 15. Walmart already carries a range of c...

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Hands-on with iPhone 3G, more unboxing photos

BoyGeniusReport (BGR) somehow managed to get their hands on the new iPhone 3G a little earlier than anyone else. They have uploaded several high-quality pictures to show the comparisons between the 1st generation iPhone and the iPhone 3G. In addition, Paul Thurrott posted some iPhone 2.0 firmware...

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