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Apple loses iPhone trademark in Brazil

The BBC is saying that Apple has lost the trademark for "iPhone" in Brazil, to a company that makes an Android-powered phone, of all things. Gradiente Eletronica registered the name "iPhone" in that country back in 2000, years before Apple tried to do the same thing, and so the ruling Institu...

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Brazil's new 'iphone' isn't what you think

The next time you're in Rio, be on the lookout for the iphone. Now, before you start saying "hey TUAW, you forgot to capitalize the P!" you should know that this isn't the Apple smartphone we're talking about. Nope, this is the "iphone Neo One" from Brazilian outfit Gradiente. Or, as we like to...

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Apple confirms first Brazilian store opening; also hiring in Istanbul

Apple's ambitious plans to open more retail stores around the world are in full gear. The company emailed a few Brazilian tech news sites with confirmation that the company will be opening a store in Rio de Janeiro soon, the first Apple Store in Brazil. Rio will also be hosting crowds in the ne...

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Apple to launch first retail stores in Turkey and Brazil, job postings suggests

On its last financial call Apple said it is planning to open 30-35 new retail stores in the next 12 months, with 75 percent of those stores located outside of the United States. Now recent job listings show that at least two of the new stores will be located in Brazil and Turkey -- countries wh...

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iOS and Android make for fastest tech adoption ever

Mobile marketing and analytics firm Flurry has another great research post up, this time about the speed of adoption for both iOS and Android. This one goes a little far into comparing apples and oranges, so to speak, but it's still interesting. Flurry notes that both iOS and Android app usages...

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Foxconn Brazil workers reportedly threaten to strike

According to a report from TechGuru, workers in Foxconn's Brazil plant are threatening to strike. Factory workers in a Jundiai, Brazil plant cite overcrowded buses, poor quality food and lack of water as their primary complaints. The United Steelworkers of Jundiaí and Region said Foxconn...

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Apple reportedly receives certification to sell Brazilian-assembled iPad

MacRumors reported Thursday that Apple has received certification to begin selling Brazilian-assembled iPad 2s in that country. It's only for the 16 GB model, and it would be sold alongside Chinese-assembled models. MacRumors said this would most likely happen when the new iPad goes on sale in ...

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Daily Update for January 31, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires F...

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Foxconn plans to build five Brazilian factories to produce Apple products

Apple relies on electronics assembly firm Foxconn to build iPads and iPhones in China. Now Foxconn is reportedly planning to build five new factories in Brazil to help meet the demand for Apple products. There's already one plant cranking out iPads and iPhones, and each of the new factories is expe...

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Brazil gives tax exemption to Foxconn, iPad production may follow

Not very long after Tim Cook said that Apple sees a "huge opportunity" in Brazil, it turns out the company's CEO may have had more than sales on his mind. Brazil has granted iPad assembler Foxconn special exemptions from Brazilian excise and other taxes, clearing the way for iPad production to beg...

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Apple sees 'huge opportunity' in Brazil

Apple's next emerging market might not be in Asia, but in South America. During the company's recent earnings conference call, Apple CEO Tim Cook identified Brazil as one of Apple's future growth areas. "I think there's a huge opportunity for us there, and we've more than begun to go deeper into B...

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iTunes Music, Movies stores arrive in Latin America

The iOS App Store and the Mac App Store have been getting a lot of press lately. Now it's time to for the iTunes music store to share the spotlight. Starting this week, iTunes music and movies are available in Brazil and 15 other Latin American countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colom...

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Apple reportedly to launch iTunes Music Store in Latin America in December

We got a couple tips from our South American readers indicating that the iTunes Music Store might be heading to Brazil. Now Veja, a Brazil-based magazine, says this store will launch December 8 and will include Roberto Carlos, a popular singer who has yet to make the digital transition. The Next...

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Brazilian iPad production may be more costly than expected

A Reuters story in the New York Times yesterday noted that iPad producer Foxconn's plans to move iPad production to Brazil may be slowed by higher than expected production costs in the South American country. Brazil had touted the fact that they had lured Foxconn to the city of Jundiai to bui...

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Brazil's iPad production deal is 'in doubt'

Tech product manufacturer Foxconn has been in talks with Brazil to open a factory in that country for some time now, but apparently talks have begun to break down. Reuters now says the proposed US$12 billion deal is "in doubt" because Brazil lacks skilled labor and isn't meeting Foxconn's expec...

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