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How to cook (and cut) with the iPad

Honestly, we kind of just wanted to post the video above (in which Jake Gyllenhaal uses Apple's magical and revolutionary device as a cooking board, and then decides to make it the main dish), but it turns out that you can use a kitchen utensil on the iPad to some success. Another British man got a...

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British iPhone users love their data

Insanely Great Mac has the breakdown on a meeting between O2 (purveyors of the iPhone in Britain) and Mr. Jobs from the UK's Financial Times, and it seems iPhone users across the pond can't get enough data. Over 60% of iPhone users use over 25mb/month of data, while only 1.8% of non-iPhone users on ...

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O2 may not be aboard the iPhone train

According to this Dutch-language report, O2 says it does not have an iPhone contract with Apple to distribute the iPhone in England The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland not including her overseas territories. A spokesman denied signing a contract and would not discuss any ongoing...

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The British like Macs

Apple sales are strong in the UK according to Macworld UK. iPod nanos and shuffles are leaping off the shelf and the high demand for iPods means that some items are now in short supply. Even Mac Pro sales have gone up in anticipation of the release of Adobe CS3. Macworld suggests that the demand for...

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