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iOS claims 65% of mobile web marketshare

NetMarketShare has released its latest report on Internet usage by mobile devices, and not only has iOS remained on top for Internet usage, but Apple's OS has grown its lead up to 65% of total mobile Internet traffic. In just the last month, usage on iOS went up by 3%, and the year-over-year fi...

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Orbitz profiles Mac users with pricier hotels, here's how to block

Let's try a little Gedankenexperiment here. Imagine that you sell widgets of all kinds; some are drab and functional but cheap, while others are shiny and a bit more expensive. You're looking to improve the sales of your shiny, high-margin widgets by getting them in front of the type of consumers...

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Yahoo! Axis delivers synchronized browsing for iPad and desktop

Want your desktop browser pages to show up on your iPhone or iPad, so you can keep on browsing where you left off? There are a few products already offering this feature, including the capable Firefox Home, but Yahoo's mobile product team didn't want to stop with a simple sync engine. They deci...

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Dolphin iOS browser adds voice control

Dolphin has updated its popular iPhone web browser and the latest version now includes voice control. The feature, called Dolphin Sonar, lets you use your voice to search the internet, share content with your favorite social networks, add bookmarks and do simple navigation tasks like opening ...

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Track US new iPad adoption in real time

Do you wonder how many new iPads will be lovingly opened and used to browse the Internet today? To find the answer, head to Chitika's website where you will find a tracking page set up for the third generation iPad. As noted by BGR, the tracker looks for both the user agent string of the new iP...

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Skyfire browser brings account switching to iPad with HotSwap

Skyfire is among the most popular third-party browser apps in the App Store, bringing quite a few solid browsing features that mobile Safari doesn't have to the iPhone and the iPad. And here's yet another one: The latest update to Skyfire adds account switching capabilities, so multiple users on ...

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Snapstream industrial-strength DVR gets Mac browser client

Snapstream is an enterprise-level TV monitoring service. It's used mostly by news organizations and companies to keep an eye on what's happening on television every night, looking for a certain piece of video or bit of text or speech (the Daily Show famously uses it to keep track of all of that ne...

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Friday Favorite: Lazarus Extension for Safari saves your form text

Don't you hate that sinking feeling you get when you spend five to ten minutes filling out a form -- and then you lose all the data because of a hiccup in your Internet connection, or because of Safari's tab reloading quirks? Before that happens to you again, you should check out Lazarus. It's ...

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Net Market Share lists Safari as top mobile browser

The latest mobile browser metrics from NetMarketShare show that Safari continues to gain market share. Since December 2010, Safari's share of the mobile browser market has increased from 49.17% to its current level of 62.17%. Android has also increased, but its growth rate is much slower than m...

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The 'iPad effect' on browser share numbers

InfoWorld has noted an 'iPad effect' on browser share among mobile devices. Broadly speaking, InfoWorld reports that mobile devices now appears to account for approximately seven percent of all browsing, up from three percent in 2010. If accurate, that's a pretty remarkable stat by itself, but mo...

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Chrome hits version 14, adds Lion features

Google has issued a new stable, public release of its popular Chrome web browser. For developers, Chrome version 14 adds the new Web Audio API, which allows developers to add cool audio effects like room simulation and spatialization. However, the best things about Chrome 14 are the enhancements ...

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Mobile Safari still dominates mobile browsing

Mobile Safari continues its reign as the dominant mobile browser according to new data from web analytics firm Net Applications. Mobile Safari grabs a respectable 53% of mobile browser usage share, while its closest competitor, Opera Mini, grabs only 20.77%. Coming in third is the Android brows...

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Popular Android browser Dolphin Browser now on iPhone

One of the shiniest gems on the Android Marketplace has made its way over to the iOS App Store. The Dolphin browser was an early alternative to the official browser on Android phones, and actually ran faster and smoother than the real thing for a while. Now, the Dolphin browser has come to the ...

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Sleipnir for OS X arrives in beta, touts group tab management and sync

If you're the kind of person that loves to live on the wilder side of internet browsing, today you're in luck. Sleipnir is a new OS X web browser that has a few twists, particularly when it comes to tab management. Developed by Japanese outfit Fenrir, Sleipnir first arrived on the iPhone (which w...

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Happy 10th birthday, WebKit!

As AppleOutsider notes, the WebKit engine that powers both Safari and Chrome, as well as the browsers on the iPhone and the iPad, turned ten years old yesterday. We meant to mark the occasion on the date itself, but unforeseen circumstances forced us to juggle things around a bit. Sorry about tha...

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