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ClickToFlash 1.6b7 solves YouTube's "Old Flash? Go upgrade!" message

If you have ClickToFlash installed, you may have seen a note telling you that you have an old version of Flash and encouraging you to upgrade. As you might expect, you don't need to upgrade Flash, but you do need to upgrade ClickToFlash. The current version is, but you...

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Firefox 3.6 now available

Head on over to, Firefox fans. Version 3.6 of your favorite browser is now ready. The video explains the major changes in this version, but here are the highlights. One-click themes. Using the Personas Gallery, you can assign a new look and theme to Firefox with a click. The way ...

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Google Chrome released for Mac

Google has released an official developer preview of Google Chrome for the Mac. Rather than digging through nightly development builds, you can download the developer preview of the WebKit-based browser at Google's official webpage. Chrome sports several features similar to Safari 4 in Snow Leopa...

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CNN: Our iPhone app is "not a hobby"

CNN chatted with our good friends at DLS about the news network's iPhone app (scheduled to hit an App Store near you very soon), and it actually sounds pretty premium: in-app video, breaking news live video streaming, a Coverflow-style way to browse news information, the ability to store news to re...

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Choosy helps those with Browser Commitment Phobia

Are you the type of person who just can't settle down? Do you find your needs just can't be met by any one of the multiple options available to you? Can you even remember how many different browsers you've been with? If that sounds like you, you should be glad to hear that Choosy has left beta. We...

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Net Applications numbers show growth for Mac browsers

If you're looking for a bright spot in the Mac market share numbers after the recent dips, Net Applications has your back. The May survey indicates an uptick in Safari's share of browser usage -- up to 8.43 in April, and 2% higher than a year earlier. Firefox continues to be the big 2nd banana to le...

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Google Chrome for Mac: Don't hold your breath

Gather around, Apple fans. I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that there is a preliminary version of Google Chrome up and running. Sort of. Google's Mike Pinkerton has posted a couple of screenshots of Chrome for Mac on his blog, including the very first time he used it to load ...

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Chrome features are coming to WebKit

Although Google's Chrome browser is currently only available to Windows users (unless you are running an Intel-based Mac and VMWare Fusion or Parallels), its WebKit underpinnings mean that Safari, and other WebKit-based browsers, can benefit from Google's code. One of the larger innovations of Goog...

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Camino 1.6

The best browser for the Mac, Camino, has gotten even better with the release of Camino 1.6. I know what some of you are thinking, 'How can you say that Camino is the best browser for the Mac? It doesn't support extensions, it isn't made by Apple, and it won't buy me a pony!' All of those things are...

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Safari 3.0.2 beta released

The Surfin' Safari blog dedicated to the open source WebKit project (which powers Safari on Mac OS X, Windows and even the iPhone) has announced the availability of Safari 3.0.2 beta. This isn't a major release by any means, but it does contain a healthy list of squashed bugs, as well as fixes for m...

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TabExposť: Safari gets Exposť for its tabs

Move over Shiira, cuz there's another browser in town that can bring the power of Exposé to its tabs. Cocoamug Software's TabExposé enables Safari (even the new v3 beta) with a configurable shortcut key to display the current window's tabs in an Exposé-style layout. To be sur...

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TUAW Podcast #22: 1Passwd

This week's podcast covers 1Passwd, the password manager and autofill tool that brings some really unique features and multi-browser support for the Keychain to the table. For just under 8 minutes I demonstrate some of the killer features of this app that go above and beyond the norm, and the whol...

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Is Safari a system resource hog?

A browser doesn't seem like it should have that adverse of an effect on one's system performance. Aside from the power users who surf for hours at a time and leave their browser running for days on end, one's browser shouldn't be dragging the rest of the class down. Macenstein, on the other hand, ha...

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Safari's market share rises to 4.03 percent

In a post cleverly titled The same thing we do every night, Pinky (an Animaniacs/Pinky and the Brain reference), the WebKit blog Surfing Safari links a Switch to a Mac article which notes that Safari's market share has risen once again. Continuing its upward stride from October's 3.53 percent, Marke...

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Safari better than Firefox

People are very serious about what browser they use, and I understand why. I spend most of my computing life using one browser or another (my current fave is the Intel optimized FireFox variant). Now, I'm just an average Joe, so you can take my thoughts on browsers with a grain of salt, but Zeldman ...

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