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Cover Stream brings the old CoverFlow back

I'm sure I'm not alone on this one, but I remember when CoverFlow was basically just a tech demo, and not, you know, the centerpiece of OS X's UI. But of course when Apple picked up the little app to use it for everything else, we lost it -- even if you wanted to use the old simple album-browsing ...

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FileBrowse - a media browser companion for Finder

Romain Guy at The Apple Blog has penned a nice walkthrough of an interesting new app called FileBrowse, which acts as more of a streamlined tool for media file browsing and manipulating tasks, as opposed to a full-fledged Finder replacement (cuz we all know how well that's going). FileBrowse makes ...

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Saft v8.3.5 released

Hao Li is at it again with a new version of Saft, quite possibly the Safari plugin that deserves to go the route of CoverFlow. If you aren't familiar with Saft's extensive and constantly evolving feature set, check out our past coverage to get familiar. This latest v8.3.5 update features: New fe...

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Safari AppleScript to enable Private Browsing, mount temporary download disk image

Now that we know how to enable the AppleScript menubar item, it's time to give Safari some AppleScript-enabled privacy features. For all those times when you need to enable Private Browsing and 'private downloading' in Safari, a macosxhints reader has posted an AppleScript with setup instructions th...

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Flock updated, for real this time

Last week we thought the Firefox-based Flock browser had updated their developer preview to 0.60, adding a slew of new and updated features. A TUAW reader noted a slight mix-up in the actual version that was available for download, and everyone was left scratching their head. Over the weekend, I no...

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GL Image Browser

GL Image Browser is one of those great little free apps that I'm sure will quickly find its way into a lot of Docks. As the author says at Geekologic.com: "It is no iPhoto or Picasa clone, GL Image Browser is not meant as a tool to archive pictures, but as a tool to quickly browse through thous...

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