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The 25-year-old BSD bug

Today in 1983, "Beat It" by Michael Jackson may have topped the charts, but a slight bug in the *dir() library was found only a few days ago by OpenBSD developer Marc Balmer (no rela -- oh, wait). OS News has the entire amusing tale of the bug in BSD (the UNIX foundation of Mac OS X) that's been ali...

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Apple releases Darwin 9.0, Unix foundation of Leopard

Back when the Intel Macs first appeared there was a delay from Apple in releasing Darwin 8, the open-source BSD/Unix foundation of Tiger. Crazy theories were adduced, and bad intentions attributed to Apple, but eventually Darwin 8 for Intel Macs was released. Apple seems to have moved even faster wi...

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iPhone BSD package updated

iPhone developer NerveGas has updated his BSD subsystem in preparation for the new iPhone jailbreak. This new release offers tighter code fixes ("less cruft"), a few additions and a few omissions of less useful items. He also removed libarmfp dependencies. In other words, this release brings iPhone ...

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