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Flaw in iOS 6.1 lets users bypass the iPhone's lockscreen password (Updated)

A security flaw in iOS 6.1 allows a person to easily circumvent a lockscreen password and access contact information on an iPhone. The bypass method was demonstrated by YouTube user videosdebarraquito and reported by Gizmodo UK. To bypass the lockscreen password, a person has to hold down the p...

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Apple says iOS 6.1 Exchange bug fix is coming

Apple has published a support article letting users know that an iOS 6.1 bug fix is coming that will correct Exchange server issues users have been having. In the support article Apple details the symptoms of the bug: When you respond to an exception to a recurring calendar event with a Mi...

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Pixelmator announces big bug with OS X 10.8.2

Ouch. You know it's a bad day for Pixelmator Team when they have to publicly announce a major bug in their marquee app. The bug causes some Macs to "restart when intensively using Pixelmator" -- like right when you're in the middle of a major project. The issue also causes other nice side effec...

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Apple TV users report issues after updating

The latest Apple TV Update (version 5.1) is causing headaches for some users. According to a report on Apple Insider citing a thread on the Apple Support Communities website, many of the popular small iOS-based Apple TVs are getting bricked after running the updater. Once the software update ...

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Daily Update for November 15, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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Dictionary apps try to shame supposed pirates, plan backfires

A series of Dictionary apps recently took an, um, "innovative" path to fighting software piracy, though it didn't quite work out as expected. Enfour is the developer of quite a few dictionary-style apps on the store, and it recently implemented an anti-piracy system that hijacked the pirate's T...

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iOS's Notification Center cares more about my contacts' birthdays than I do

I love Notification Center, but there's one thing that's bugged me about it since its introduction in iOS 5 and that thing is even worse in iOS 6: Notification Center always shows your contacts' birthdays no matter what. In iOS 5 this wasn't too annoying, because most people probably didn't h...

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Sync Services change in 10.7.4 disables BusySync, Spanning Sync

For many years, Sync Services has provided the backbone for synchronization of other devices to Macs running OS X. A change that was part of OS X 10.7.4 has apparently stopped iCal from pushing changes to Sync Services, breaking some very popular synchronization applications -- BusySync and Spann...

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Apple removes negative reviews from apps affected by DRM bug (updated)

Update: Marco Arment says that it appears that Apple did a reupdate of the affected apps. By doing this, he says Apple ensured that customers would not lose data by being forced to delete apps off their devices. Instead, the fixes showed up as updates. It also reset the reviews. In a good mov...

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App Store delivering corrupted binaries for some apps (Updated)

Update: Per AllThingsD and TechCrunch, Apple has now commented on the binary corruption problem; it says the server issue that was responsible for problematic DRM code has been rectified. There are better ways to spend the 4th of July holiday than answering scores of angry support emails, but th...

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iTunes updated to 10.6.1, with bug fixes aplenty -- iTunes Producer bumped to version 2.6

iTunes 10.6.1 is now available in Software Update -- it fixes a few glitches in Apple's ubiquitous music and library app, including several crashing issues, some VoiceOver problems, and an issue where iTunes would freeze up while syncing with the smaller iPod shuffle or nano. There's also a b...

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OS X 10.7.3 causing CUI errors for some, Combo Update recommended

It's not a good thing when a simple point release of Apple's desktop OS causes a flurry of error reports with a central theme of "I just installed the 10.7.3 version of Lion and now nothing works." Last night and this morning, threads began popping up on Apple's support forum and elsewhere indicat...

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Security researcher Charlie Miller finds serious bug in iOS

Security expert and Mac hacker Charlie Miller has uncovered an issue in iOS that would allow an app, downloaded from the App Store, to install and run malicious code on a device from a remote computer. The flaw, which Miller reportedly did upload to the App Store and got past Apple's security c...

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OS X Lion bug may affect Windows file sharing

A bug has been discovered in OS X Lion Server that appears when a user tries to share a file with extended attributes with a Windows XP or Windows 7 system. The bug was first discovered by Steve Maser, a senior systems administrator at the University of Michigan's Office of Technology Transfer....

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PayPal reportedly overcharging some customers for OS X Lion

OS X Lion is only supposed to cost US$29.99 to install on any Macs associated with your iTunes account. Some Lion buyers who purchased it through PayPal are seeing charges way higher than thirty bucks, however. Multiple users have reported the issue on Apple's support forums, and Lion buyer John C...

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