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OS X Launchpad bug is annoying, pretty

Tyler Lee over at Ubergizmo pointed out an interesting OS X bug that affects the way that the Launchpad window is displayed. It's an annoying bug, but strangely enough it's also quite beautiful. The bug doesn't apply the blur effect when Launchpad is opened -- instead, it applies the crystall...

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Can't save PDF files from Safari with Mountain Lion? Here's the fix

There's quite a bit of traffic on Apple's discussion boards (and others) about a problem with saving PDF files that have been viewed in Safari with Mountain Lion. Safari can view PDF files just fine, but for many people the problems start when you go to save the files or print them. The files g...

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Exchange/iOS "meeting hijack" history goes back well before iOS 6

Yesterday, in discussing the new reports of meeting invitation issues between Microsoft Exchange and iOS 6 devices using ActiveSync, I mentioned that I recall having seen these sorts of problems in prior versions of iOS and OS X, albeit infrequently. The issue manifests as one recipient declini...

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Breaking down the App Store's new layout

iOS developer Justine Pratt (who's created a series of utility apps for iPhone and iPad) has put together a nice, long analysis from the developer perspective of what the new App Store design can do for apps. Apple recently revamped the App Store on iOS devices, introducing several changes that...

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Big updates for Fairway Solitaire and Junk Jack

Two of my favorite iOS games from the last few years have gotten big updates today. Fairway Solitaire is a really brilliant puzzle/card game that combines golf and solitaire in a fun way, and it's gotten a big update that adds a whole bunch of ongoing content. The game now has a "Daily Mode" wh...

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Mountain Lion bugs: Chopped battery life and nonsensical 'Save As' behavior

It's inevitable that with new operating systems come new bugs. One widely-reported bug has affected a noticeable chunk of laptop Mac users who've upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion: some users are reporting steep declines in battery life. A poll at Engadget shows that over 7400 of nearly 17,500 respo...

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Skype to update Mac client to fix IM bug (Updated)

If you're a Skype user, then you probably ought to know about this: Skype 5.8 for Mac, as well as similar versions for Windows, Linux, and Windows Phone, has a bug that unintentionally shares instant messages with other contacts on a user's friend list. Skype describes the bug as follows: ...

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BBEdit 10.1.2 now available

The latest version of the acclaimed text editor BBEdit is out and available now, and as you can see on the official site, it features a whole host of fixes and updates to existing features. A number of crashing and bug problems have been solved, so the whole app should run smoother than ever be...

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iTunes updated to 10.6.1, with bug fixes aplenty -- iTunes Producer bumped to version 2.6

iTunes 10.6.1 is now available in Software Update -- it fixes a few glitches in Apple's ubiquitous music and library app, including several crashing issues, some VoiceOver problems, and an issue where iTunes would freeze up while syncing with the smaller iPod shuffle or nano. There's also a b...

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Apple releases iMac Graphic, MacBook Pro EFI firmware updates

Apple recently released two firmware updates that address graphics problems in the iMac and select MacBook Pro models. The iMac update fixes a graphics issue in Lion that would lock up the all-in-one machine, while the MacBook Pro update targets 15-inch, late 2008 models with a flickering display....

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iPhone bug opens up stranger's life to the world

Gizmodo has raised awareness a serious problem regarding an iMessage bug that, under the wrong circumstances, might result in your messages being seen by others, or you seeing someone else's messages. It's not a new issue; Ars Technica reported on it in December with stolen iPhones, and the problem...

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Australia's Telstra working to fix iPhone 4S network dropouts

Australian telco Telstra is currently working with Apple to resolve bizarre coverage dropouts on the iPhone 4S, according to ZDNet. For a couple of months, iPhone 4S users on Telstra's network have reported that the iPhone will randomly lose signal and drop to "Searching..." for about a minute be...

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Some iPhone 4S users report SIM card issues

Some iPhone 4S owners have been experiencing a peculiar situation where the device stops recognizing their SIM cards. Users have been reporting that they receive error messages on the iPhone 4S stating that they either have no SIM card installed or their SIM is invalid. Rebooting the handset wo...

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Apple seeds iOS 5.0.1 Beta 2 to developers

Coming roughly two days after releasing the first iOS 5.0.1 beta, Apple has pushed a second version of the beta to developers, presumably as the company works to correct battery issues with devices running iOS 5. MacRumors states this version is build 9A404 and is available as an over-the-air...

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Apple promises fix for iOS 5 battery issues, releases iOS 5.0.1 beta

Apple has just confirmed with All Things Digital that it is aware of the battery issues some iPhone owners have noticed under iOS 5 and is working on a fix. "A small number of customers have reported lower than expected battery life on iOS 5 devices. We have found a few bugs that are affecting ...

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