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Win one of three copies of the MacUpdate Bundle

This one's pretty simple. Check out the list of software titles in the current MacUpdate Bundle -- 13 of them! Come back here, leave a comment telling us which app you want the most and you're entered! Read the full rules, of course, as we can't give the prizes to minors and to most of the world (S...

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MacBundles invites customers to 'Build Your Own Bundle'

Ever since the success of MacHeist, it seems like resellers offering bundles of applications at heavily discounted prices are proliferating. MacBundles has an interesting new twist: a la carte application bundles. Just like buying a CD that has a few songs you really like along with a bunch of fille...

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MacUpdate bundle gets Toasty, TUAW readers can win

The MacUpdate Promo bundle is back again -- this edition features the marquee player of Roxio's Toast 10 Titanium, for all your CD and DVD burning needs. Blu-ray and HD capabilities, if you need them, require the separate US$19.95 plugin from Roxio, but that's still only $70 for all the mojo of a...

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MacUpdate bundle offers Parallels 5, we offer chance to win

If you want an economical way to buy into the reigning speed champion of virtualization apps, the MacUpdate Promo Spring Bundle may be just the ticket. At $49.99, the 11-app bargain basket is headlined by Parallels Desktop 5 (normally $79 alone). The rest of the lineup is solid as well: Bee Doc...

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MacHeist nano bundle adds Tweetie for final day

The ever-popular MacHeist bundle, offering eight Mac apps for $20 total, closes out at midnight Pacific Time tonight. If you've been on the fence so far about whether or not to buy in this year, two bits of news may push you over the brink. First, all the initial applications have been unlocked; ...

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The Mac Sale ends tomorrow, get it quick

Wanted to mention this one before the deal ends: Right now, you can get 10 applications for $49.99 from The Mac Sale. Most notably, this bundle includes CrossOver Games from CodeWeavers which allows you to play many popular games from the Windows platform on your Mac or Linux computer. The bundle a...

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Get your thinking caps on, MacHeist is back

Software bundles seem to be all the rage nowadays, but in my humble opinion, MacHeist is still the best. It doesn't just lump a bunch of apps together for special price, but instead, it turns getting a discount into a game. As a recent Mac switcher, I was utterly confused by MacHeist 3, the first...

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Help cure diabetes, win great Mac software

Developer Jim Whimpey is riding a bike to cure diabetes, and he's asking for your help (and promising a chance at some great Mac software). For every $10 you donate to his upcoming ride in southern Australia, he'll throw your name in a raffle to win one of two big Mac software bundles, both worth al...

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Just one more week to get in on The Mac Sale, with discount for TUAW readers

I don't know about you guys, but I can't get enough of these Mac software bundles. Between MacHeist, the MacUpdate bundle, Mac Bundle Box, and even iPhone software bundles, I've got more unused software licenses than I'll ever need or want. Even though I rarely want every piece of software in...

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Mac Bundle Box is back, this time with 12 applications for US$49

Remember Mac Bundle Box? Back in March, Mac Bundle Box 4 provided an ever-growing list of Mac applications at a bundle price of US$49, with 5% of the purchase price going to Charity:Water. It's back again, and Mac Bundle Box 5 is now underway with about US$459 worth of software selling for US$49. ...

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MacUpdate Promo Spring Bundle revealed

The MacUpdate Promo Spring Bundle has been revealed, and it is, as the kids say, wicked (or sick, or whatever the kids say). This thing is packed with truly useful applications. If you were considering buying any one of these apps, the $49.99US pricetag makes the rest of them a high-value propositi...

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MacHeist 3 bundle unveiled

The Heist might be over, but the software saving fun is just beginning! Tonight, the MacHeist 3 bundle was revealed in a geek-star studded live show. This year's bundle is, from a software perspective, really incredible. I love software bundles because they are a great way to get cool stuff, but th...

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Last day for Mac Bundle Box

Today's the last day for the Mac Bundle Box deal, and the Bundlers have decided to sweeten the deal if they pass a certain sales goal. Mac Bundle Box already had one Mac application added since March 1st -- MacPilot -- and the team has offered to throw in one more application for free if they reach ...

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5 Fingers does iPhone game bundle right

Software bundles are normally things that appear for computers, however, one developer believes that the iPhone deserves the same money-saving offer. The 5 Fingers Bundle [iTunes link] does just that -- it combines five awesome games into one application for one price. While bundles are not someth...

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MacHeist 3 begins

Everyone's favorite app bundle/puzzle game, AKA MacHeist, is back! MacHeist, now in its third year, combines a pre-bundle game, where users solve puzzles to unlock free apps and bundle discounts, and an actual bundle of apps, which go on sale at the end of the "heist." MacHeist is a fun way to wast...

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