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Before Halo we had Marathon -- play Bungie's three Mac classics free

Mac users have always been second-string players in the world of computer gaming. For every AAA title that debuted on both Mac and Windows, a hundred games never reached for that gleaming Apple. Growing up in the '90s, I was a Windows user and never heard an end to the complaints from my Mac gamer...

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Bungie's Pathways Into Darkness comes back to Mac for free

Back before Halo was the biggest title on Microsoft's Xbox, it was actually planned as a Mac title. That's because Bungie, the game's developer, was actually a Mac game company -- they made a number of really terrific shooters for the Mac, including Marathon (which has since been released on iO...

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Bungie co-founder starts new mobile studio

You know Bungie, the game studio that developed Marathon and Halo? Well, one of its founders, Alex Seropian, is now working on a new mobile-focused project. He's one of the brains behind Industrial Toys, a start-up development studio that intends to focus on mobile titles for core gamers. "We are d...

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Bungie details iPad release of Crimson: Steam Pirates, coming next week

Man, after all the rumors, it almost seems expected: Bungie has finally announced its first original project for the iPad, a game called Crimson: Steam Pirates. It's due out on the iPad next week, and will let you command a steampunk crew across a turn-based battlefield, combining strategy, act...

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Bungie's Marathon, Swords and Soldiers now available on the App Store

Two games we've been eager to see on the App Store have arrived. First up, the unofficial version of Marathon (that's officially approved anyway) is out and ready for you to play. It's a free app by programmer Daniel Blezek, who translated Bungie's old FPS from the Mac to Apple's tablet. This i...

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Bungie's Marathon definitely coming to iPad

Bungie has open-sourced its classic first-person shooter Marathon (originally released on the Macintosh), which will pave the way for that rumored port to finally make its way into the world. It looks like developer Daniel Blezek is going to be releasing the game for free, which should take car...

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Bungie releases free iOS app

Game developer Bungie (the folks behind the Halo series, originally scheduled for release on Mac but also the game that eventually became the keystone of Microsoft's game console) has released an official iPhone app, just in time for the company's 20th anniversary. Bungie Mobile is available fo...

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Rumor: Bungie working on an iOS app

Here's another interesting rumor (to match the one about Duke Nukem the other day) featuring a major gaming property coming to the iPhone. Touch Arcade spotted a trademark by game developer Bungie for something called "Crimson," supposedly related to "computer game software for use on mobile an...

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Marathon coming to the iPad (we hope)

"Will it play DOOM?" This used to be the first question anyone had about a new bit of gear, regardless of what it was. Oddly, the answer kept being yes. Remember DOOM? You might not if you're a longtime Mac user, since the attempts to bring it to the Mac really only met the dictionary definition...

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Report: Steve Jobs was 'furious' over Microsoft's acquisition of Bungie

Apple hasn't shown a lot of initiative on the gaming side of things (this past "Back to the Mac" event was the first time the company even mentioned Steam coming to the Mac, something even Valve has admitted is a huge deal), but apparently Steve Jobs still has somewhat of a competitive streak. Forme...

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Bungie says Mac games are still a possibility

Macworld has a quick chat with Bungie after this morning's big announcement that the company is "evolving" away from Microsoft a bit, and the good news is that a new Mac release from our favorite game developer (before they were bought out by the Evil Empire, that is) is not out of the question. Spo...

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Rumor confirmed: Bungie is free, kind of

Wow. The rumors were true -- Bungie is "evolving" its relationship with Microsoft, and "embarking on a path" to become, once again, an independent developer. Pretty amazing. Unfortunately, the press release from MS makes it sound like Bungie's not quite free and clear yet. Microsoft expects Bungie t...

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Rumorland: Bungie leaving Microsoft, Apple gaming on the horizon

Rumors are flying in Seattle that Bungie, makers of Halo and, much more relevant here, Marathon and Pathways to Darkness, may be splitting from Microsoft. A complete and total rumor, unsubstantiated and unsourced, but like all good rumors, it has just enough good reasoning that it might actually be ...

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Bungie ponders a Marathon revival

In the latest weekly update from Bungie, a fan asks: "Marathon and XBLA (referring to Xbox Live Arcade): is it at all possible?" Bungie, via Frankie, responds "Of course it's possible, it's just not on any current agenda. If it's any consolation, many, many people think it's a good idea." It sucks ...

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Aleph One -- Marathon for Mac OS X

One of the last things Bungie did before Microsoft bought them (and their flagship game, Halo), was to release the Marathon code into the open source arena. Until not all that long ago, in order to play Marathon 2 or Infinity, you had to run it on a Mac OS 9 machine, or in Classic (or, shudder, on a...

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