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ZapVM creates visual messages on your iOS device for story telling, giving instructions, whatever you can imagine

ZapVM is a free app (with some desirable in-app purchases) that lets you create and share messages with sound, still photos, captions, stickers and freehand sketching tools. I can see ZapVM being used by PowerPoint or Keynote fans, families sharing events, for consumer reviews of places or...

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Apple would have made Forrest Gump a multi-billionaire

Everyone loves Forrest Gump, but thanks to Apple's role in the character's life being relegated to a simple letter in the mail, it's easy to forget that the non-fictional company made this fictional man very, very rich. Gump notes in the film that he "doesn't have to worry about money anymore,"...

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Soundmarks: A unique audio recorder that lets you annotate with notes, pictures and drawings

Soundmarks (free) is a fascinating audio recorder app. When you start and stop a recording, the app marks that point, making it easy to return to it. Think of it as an audio bookmark. The really creative part of using the app is the ability to add notes, drawings or even photos while a recording is...

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Zite newsreader sold to Flipboard

My all time favorite newsreader, Zite, has been sold by CNN to Flipboard for a deal reported by Reuters to be worth about US$60 million dollars. Flipboard has also struck a content deal with CNN. CNN bought Zite in 2011. In a conference call this morning, Flipboard CEO Mike McCue said Zite's...

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This is how in-app purchases should be handled

Ever since the ability to include in-app purchases was added to the App Store, the idea has divided gamers. On one side you have customers who prefer the traditional manner of purchasing a game -- pay upfront, and you have access to whatever the game has to offer -- while others see no problem in...

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If Apple's iTunes division was a standalone company

Delving deep inside Apple's quarterly earnings report, Horace Dediu of Asymco writes that revenue from Apple's iTunes/Software/Services group increased by 34 percent year over year. Indeed, as we pointed out earlier, revenue Apple derived from its iTunes, Software and Services segment was...

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Document Writer for iOS has nice features and rough edges

Document Writer (US$5.99, universal) claims to be the "best document and editing management suite for iOS." Based on the extended feature set, I'd have to admit that's true. The app can create rich text documents and spreadsheets, and also includes a document scanner, a voice recorder, a PDF...

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PDF Scanner will get you clear scans of pages and create PDFs

iPads and iPhones do so many things. Scanning documents is another task iOS has taken on, and an app called PDF Scanner (US$2.99, universal) does the job quite well. To get started, just point your iPhone's or iPad's camera at a document or book, and the app focuses and creates a clear scan of the...

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Audio Memos for iOS: Like Apple's Voice Memo, only much better

Apple's Voice Memos has been around since iOS 3, and in iOS 7 it got a new look and a new icon, but no new features. You can record a voice memo, trim it, and email or text it and Voice Memos also supports AirDrop. It's a good audio recorder, but it's not for the power user. Audio Memos is far more...

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Apple reports Q1 2014 earnings

Apple's first quarter earnings for the fiscal year ending December 28, 2013 were just announced. CUPERTINO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apple® today announced financial results for its fiscal 2014 first quarter ended December 28, 2013. The Company posted record quarterly revenue of $57.6 billion...

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Review: Presentics makes nice-looking presentations on iPad

Presentics (free, but a full version is available for US$9.99) is a fascinating presentation app for the iPad. Once you get the hang of it (more about that later), you can spin up some very nice presentations that work on your iPad alone or when it's connected to a big screen or projector. The app...

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Donna for iOS is a brainy personal assistant

Donna entered the App Store in the spring of last year. Since then, the app that lets you manage your day has added many new features, fixed a few bugs along the way and done a nice re-design for iOS 7. It's also now free. Donna can tell you when to leave for a meeting, can dial into conference...

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Review: Resume Designer Pro for iOS makes your resume look professional

With the condition of the economy being what it is, many people are on the hunt for new and better career opportunities. Along with a job application comes the need for a new or updated résumé, and there are lots of options in the App Store to help ease your way toward getting that...

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Evernote adds new premium features including business card scanning and presentation modes

Evernote improved its business offerings today with an update for its iOS app that affects Evernote Premium users. The Premium service, which costs US$5 a month or $45 per year, already offers improved collaboration, storage, searching and offline work options for users. Now subscribers will be...

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Square credit card reader loses weight, gains accuracy

The Square credit card reader is already a huge hit with small businesses, so an upgrade to the hardware is definitely cause for a little early holiday celebration. The company revealed an all-new version of its iconic register peripheral today, showing off a sleeker design that cuts its width by...

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