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BusinessWeek: iPhone SDK to arrive late

In a recent BusinessWeek blog post, writer Arik Hesseldahl says he has information from one of his sources that the long awaited iPhone SDK might well be delayed. According to the source, the delay could be anywhere from one to three weeks; with February drawing to a close and no announcement yet of...

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BusinessWeek: Why I Won't Buy an iPhone

Arik Hesseldahl has a thoughtful article up today over at BusinessWeek, describing why he won't be buying an iPhone any time soon. There are far too many great lines to quote here so go read the entire post. Hessendahl call's Apple's no-third-party development stance ridiculous. He argues that softw...

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Business Week: Apple "Most innovative"

For the third consecutive year, Business Week has named Apple the "Most Innovative Company" (they beat 2nd place Google with double the votes). Data was collected late last year from the top 10 executives at the world's 1,500 largest corporations.* While acknowledging the accomplishment, Business We...

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What should Apple do with twelve BEEEL-lion dollars?

This is the question posed by Arik Hesseldahl in today's Byte of the Apple column for BusinessWeek: what should Apple do with its $12 billion in cash and short-term investments? His suggestion: rather than spending more money on acquisitions (such those that led to Logic, Final Cut and Shake), the b...

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Apple TV: Why the delay?

We're bummed out as much as you are about the Apple TV delay. While we are pouting in our room, crying our eyes out, and forlornly staring at our useless without an Apple TV Sony Bravia television, Businessweek's Arik Hesseldahl has been busy spinning some theories to explain the dearth of Apple TV...

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BusinessWeek's iPhone wishlist

Over at BusinessWeek, Arik Hesseldahl posts his thoughtful wish list for the iPhone. On top of the obvious music wishes (wireless music downloads, zunelike device-to-device sharing, and iTunes ringtones), Hesseldahl considers how the phone might sync seamlessly with various iApps like iPhoto, iCal,...

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Another 10 strangest iPod accessories article

Have you heard? Some manufacturers are making wacky iPod products! Seriously, it is true. Would I lie to you? Luckily Businessweek has yet another round up of these gizmos for us to chuckle about, though I've seen most of these products before....

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Apple fourth on BusinessWeek's Info Tech 100

I can hear them chanting in Cupertino, 'We're number four! We're number four!' Apple is occupying the number four position on the BusinessWeek Info Tech 100, which lists the top 100 IT companies of the year. Astounding profits, great products, and no end in sight for iPodmania account for Apple's po...

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Book on classic design includes several Apple products

Apple is known for industrial design so it isn't a shocker that Phaidon Design Classics, a three book series on design, features some Apple products. You'll find the original Mac, the iPod, and  the iMac G5 (I'm typing this post on one of those!).  BusinessWeek online has an article about ...

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