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Tag: buttons

Apple patents another haptic feedback solution

AppleInsider reports that Apple is still bouncing around ideas for a screen that allows for haptic feedback on its iOS devices. A new patent filed this week outlines a system of screens on a device designed to not only detect touch and protect the underlying technology but also provide physical fee...

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Apple thinking about game controller, headset

We've mentioned the idea of an external game controller on the iPhone (and now, the iPad) before, but this is the first we've heard of Apple working on one themselves. Apparently a new patent would cover applying buttons, joysticks, or direction pads to an external controller, something that would ...

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Survey: Less than half of touchscreen users prefer touchscreen

Here's a few interesting stats from a survey recently conducted in Europe. These aren't specifically about the iPhone, but given that smartphones relied on buttons almost exclusively before Apple's handheld came along (and nowadays, everyone's bragging about their touchscreen technology), a tempera...

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Namco's iPhone division considering... Tekken?

Actually, I'd play that. Namco recently announced that they were forming an Apple Games division to head up game development for Apple platforms like the iPhone, and in this interview, a producer for them who used to work for Apple says that they're excited to work on bringing great games to the h...

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TUAW 2016

Good afternoon, and welcome to your daily brainload from TUAW, a division of Weblogs, Inc. owned by Comcast Online. Please make sure the neural connector is clicked in all the way, and then think "Start" when you are ready. Steve Jobs returns to Apple's Board of Directors after stint at GM Steve Job...

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Belkin JoyPod plans sneak out (now confirmed false)

Update: Belkin reps have contacted us to say that the JoyPod, while a fascinating idea, is not a product they have in development. Oh well! I guessed that we'd see a more official iPhone controller sooner or later, but I didn't think it'd be this much sooner -- Touch Arcade has unearthed this phot...

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Intel stumbles while stepping to Apple's 6 button remote

Honestly: I'm always down for some competition; it keeps (some) companies innovating and (hopefully) on their toes. But wow... if you're going to openly take on a device like Apple's beautiful and simple 6-button Remote, it might be a good idea to make sure you're firing on all cylinders. Check out ...

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Interactive display of iPod commands

Command-Tab has put together a really handy interactive display of button sequences for the 5 major generations of iPod models. The available sequences are Hard Reset, Diagnostic Mode and Disk Mode, so if you've ever wondered how to partake in some of those iPod troubleshooting tutorials or you're j...

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