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Cable TV iPad apps prove popular with customers

GigaOm has posted some interesting numbers about cable providers' apps that allow subscribers to watch TV right on their iPads. Time Warner Cable stated on its earnings call that its TWCable TV app has been downloaded more than 360,000 times in just under a month. Comcast's Xfinity TV app (out s...

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Applecore helps keep your cables organized

Apple's in-ear bud cords are just like any other -- they'll get tangled up sooner or later. I can't tell you how many times I've stuffed the earbuds in my pocket on the way out the door, only to have to spend a few minutes untangling them when I want to listen to music or podcasts on my iPhone....

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ESPN launches Watch ESPN app that lets you do just that

ESPN is one of those big media producers that has done well on the App Store -- not only has the company released a number of successful apps for its various properties, but the content sells well on iTunes also. Now, the company is actually sending content directly to your iOS device. By dow...

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Time Warner Cable iPad app drops channels under programmer pressure

Time Warner's TWCable TV app has been forced to drop several channels after some programmers demanded it do so. The app allows Time Warner subscribers to watch TV shows on their iPads without paying any additional fees, and that "no additional fees" part is apparently what some programmers weren't...

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Poll: Some issues reported around using cables between iPad versions

Experiencing cable woes? TUAW reader Chris Arnold of Sumo Computers sent in this photo demonstrating why he believes his original iPad cable had problems working with his iPad 2. TUAW rigorously tested several cables but was unable to duplicate these issues -- all the cables we tested worked fi...

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First RS-232 to dock connector interface controls telescope

In the video on the next page you'll see a demo of the SkySafari app from Southern Stars. It's a great app for astronomy buffs, complete with gorgeous renderings of the night sky and an illustrated astronomy textbook in one neat little package. You'll also see a product called SkyFi, which is a WiF...

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Time Warner fights 99 cent rentals, too

NBC isn't the only broadcast company that's fighting Apple on 99 cent iTunes rentals. Apparently Time Warner doesn't want in on the plan, either. That's according to its CEO Jeff Bewkes, who told a conference of media executives in London that Apple is underselling television content by providing ch...

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Some sites still selling third-party Apple accessories

Ok, ok, it's not exactly news that there is Apple gear being sold on the Internet. But given that popular electronic accessory retailer Monoprice recently decided to stop selling Apple accessories, you might be looking for a new place to buy your cords and hookups. That's right -- TUAW contacted Mo...

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AT&T rolling out MicroCell to five more markets

We've previously written about AT&T's MicroCell device and service here at TUAW. It's a tiny cell tower that you plug into your home cable or DSL connection to boost your phone reception. This is particularly handy for those with home offices who may currently be plagued with poor reception on t...

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HBO releases iPhone app

HBO has released their very own app for the iPhone, and it's surprisingly deep for an app released by a premium cable channel. There's the obvious stuff -- you can view schedules and watch clips and previews of HBO shows as well as behind-the-scenes and other content. But there's even some cool iPh...

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TUAW gift guide: Griffin eXport In-Flight Video Cable

You've loaded a movie and a few episodes of "The Office" on your iPhone or iPod touch to keep you company as you fly this holiday. The only problem is that, while quite lovely, the iPhone's screen is not meant for watching The Bourne Identity in earnest. If only you could connect it to the monitor o...

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i.TV for iPhone: Cluttered but promising entertainment guide

If you're into entertainment, the newly updated i.TV for iPhone (iTunes link) offers more content than ever before. Now in its sixth release, i.TV aims to keep you on top of listings, DVD rentals, and more. If there's a single word that describes this iPhone application, it's "cluttered." i.TV offer...

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X-Power1 Rechargeable iPhone/iPod charging cable: Everything you know is wrong

Sometimes, when I see something new, I have to smack myself in the head and think: "Why didn't I think of that?" Remember the old V8 Juice commercials? I just heard about one of these and It's the X-Power1 USB Rechargeable Battery Backup Cable from Xmultiple. It looks like a USB charging cable swa...

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TUAW Review: RadTech ProCable Shortz

RadTech manufactures a lot of accessories for the iPhone and iPod, but one recently caught my attention. The recently released ProCable Shortz cables are handy in tight places where you need a USB to 30-pin connector cable. I use mine in my car to hook up my iPhone to the stereo via a USB cable. Bef...

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SlingPlayer for iPhone submitted to app store

It's something many iPhone owners have been waiting for since the iPhone first appeared 2 years ago. It was on again, off again, will they, won't they? Well, it seems they did. Sling has announced that SlingPlayer for iPhone has been submitted to the app store for approval. The company had previous...

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