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Educational institutions: Get your discounted iPad 10-pack

MacRumors reports that Apple has begun offering iPad 10-packs to educational institutions at discounted rates. The discounts are relatively minor: $20 off of each iPad in a set of 10, or $40 off per iPad if they are ordered with AppleCare. The iPad 10-packs are shipped in a single box, which elimin...

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Confirmed: Apple component cable works with iPhone

So first, the iPhone appeared on the Apple Component cable page, and then we heard it didn't run video out, and then it did again, or maybe it didn't. At any rate, we finally have confirmation for you, thanks to punkassjim, that the iPhone will do video out. In fact, he tells us that it will even ...

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The happiest iPod cables you've ever seen

When manufacturers have created every single iPod accessory that could possibly be conceived, what's left? Why, the cables, of course! Check out the CableGuys iPod cables by Speck. You can grab a set of AV cables for $19.95US, a USB-to-iPod (dock connector) cable for $19.95US or a three pack includi...

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