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App demo: BistroMath

It's a tip calculator, check-splitter all-in-one app... and yes, there are a bunch of 'em on the store. Check out the demo to see if BistroMath combines the power you need with ease of use you're comfortable with. Ultimately, that's the differentiator in these calculator apps: usability. If you...

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Tapbots releases Calcbot, Macheist makes it cheap

taptaptap, Tapbots, and Macheist have released a very well-designed calculator app for the iPhone and iPad called Calcbot -- it's available for 99 cents right now on the App Store. I would say that I don't know why we need another calculator app on the store, but this one's designed by Tapbots, so ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Space Invaders Business Cards

The Taito Corporation is the Japanese developer that owns the Space Invaders franchise, and they have done something pretty crazy with the App Store. They've released a series of completely free, Space Invaders-branded apps, most of which have nothing to do with the game at all. There's the Space I...

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Friday giveaway: Get your calculator back on with Digits for iPad

If you divvy up the universe of iPad hands-on coverage over the past month, there's a reasonable midline with "Here's all I was able to do with it" on one side, and "Here are the things it doesn't do, isn't that ludicrous?" on the other. Michael Gartenberg's post at Slashgear about a two-week roa...

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iPhone 4.0 OS Screen shots: custom wallpaper, folders, multitasking, and more!

And they keep coming in! TUAW reader Tom has sent us screen shots showing iPhone OS 4.0's ability to support custom wallpaper (and the new dock style), an open and closed Apps folder containing four apps, multitasking, and a new Calculator icon. Check out all the screen shots in the gallery below! ...

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First Look: It's About Time brings widgets to the iPad with mini apps

Several years ago at Macworld Expo, I had the pleasure of meeting Saied Ghaffari, CEO of a small company called It's About Time Products, LLC. The company had created a training app which ran on the Mac and provided new iPhone users a chance to learn more about their devices, iTunes, and synchron...

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iPhone icons in felt keychain form

Unfortunately these guys are already sold out (though maybe there'll be more soon), but I'm still posting them here just to gaze on their awesomeness -- Etsy user Rabbitrampage put together these six iPhone icon keychains (well, five iPhone and one Finder) out of felt, thread, and fiber fill. I thin...

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Considering parenthood? There's an app for that

In just a few days, a UK couple will welcome their "iPhone baby." After three years of unsuccessful attempts at pregnancy, the couple downloaded an unnamed fertility calculator app. The mother-to-be, who wishes to remain anonymous, entered her temperature and other information daily. The app then...

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Soulver brings a calculator scratchpad to your iPhone

Acqualia's Soulver, a very cool "calculator scratchpad" (which we've covered before), has come to the iPhone [iTunes link]. Both versions allow you to enter expressions in regular mathematical form, or a more "natural language" form. It keeps a running total in the sidebar, and you can reference (an...

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Off the screen and onto your desk: Mac OS X Calculator app done in atoms, not bits

The creative minds at Mintpass have taken applications we're all pretty familiar with and brought us ideas that make the TUAW bloggers drool. Recently, they created Mint Calculator #4; a concept that pulls the calculators from both the Mac OS and Windows out of the screen and places them on your des...

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Clever iPhone app prevents calculator pR0n

A tweet earlier today pointed me to an iPhone calculator app that really got me laughing, as well as taking me on a trip down memory lane. When I was in high school, calculators were expensive (US$200 for a six-function calculator with memory, for example) and just starting to make it into the han...

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TUAW Tip: Option-clicking the green button

When iTunes 9 changed the behavior of the green "maximize" button to shrink the player to the mini player, I adapted quickly. Option-clicking is pretty easy to do since the option key (unlike control) is on both sides of my laptops' keyboards. But I forgot that option-clicking the green button on w...

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FinalPrice shopping app released

For those of you who still frequent brick and mortar stores, Jimmi Rehman has released the new FinalPrice 1.0 shopping app for the iPhone/iPod Touch at 99 cents. It requires 3.0 software to run. This app is a useful one-trick-pony. If you find a sale, the idea is to have your iPhone figure out how m...

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Apple's tasty calculator mistake

In a recent tip, TUAW reader Dr. Drang told us about a bug he found on the iPhone/iPod touch's calculator. According to his research, when you type π × 2 + 5 = into the calculator you get 11.283... (the correct answer). However, when you reverse the Pi and 2, entering 2 × π + 5,...

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iPhone Calculator gets scientific in 2.0

It probably wasn't the most consequential update of the day, but we did get one big question answered from the iPhone SDK event in February: why the iPhone's calculator icon got changed from round buttons to square ones. Apple apparently had a lot of requests for a scientific version of the calcul...

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