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Second Glendale, California Apple Store to open Saturday

The second Apple store in Glendale, California will open at 10AM this Saturday -- and it's only 600 feet away from the entrance of the first Glendale store. That makes the two Glendale store the closes Apple stores in the chain, according to ifoAppleStore. Apple's first Glendale store was the sec...

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Steve Jobs conceived of "statement HQ" for Apple in 1983

The mothership campus Steve Jobs envisions for Cupertino is not the first statement headquarters he has pursued. Back in 1983, Jobs eyed Coyote Valley, San Jose for a world-class campus. Former San Jose mayor Tom McEnery tells the story of a meeting he had with a young Steve Jobs. Jobs saw the ...

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Lawsuit pending over iPhone 3G's iOS 4 performance issues

By now it's no secret that the iPhone 3G's performance suffered tremendously following the iOS 4 update. Soon after widespread reports of stuttering, freezing, and crashing, Apple said it would "look into" the problem. A month went by with no relief for iPhone 3G performance issues, but Steve Jobs h...

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Steve and the Governator mark transplant bill signing

In a ceremony commemorating California's SB 1395, the world's most well-known liver transplant recipient and the world's only former killer future robot turned politician posed for photos. Jobs and Schwarzenegger were at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in Stanford, CA to mark the signing o...

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Apple's Shanghai shirt: "Made for China"

We've heard great things already about the brand new Apple Store in Shanghai, but this one's interesting: on the back of employees' t-shirts there (which are red, apparently, rather than the usual black found in North America), Apple has printed "Designed in California, Made for China" in Chinese...

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Police launch probe into lost iPhone sale

It sure seemed like this whole "lost iPhone" saga might be over, but maybe things are just getting interesting: CNET is reporting that Silicon Valley police have launched a probe into the sale of the prototype iPhone left at a bar in Redwood City to Apple has reportedly spoken to police...

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SnapTax allows you to do your taxes on your iPhone

It's a new year, which means that in a few months, taxes will come due yet again. So why not get a head start on them with your iPhone -- there is, it turns out, an app for that. TurboTax has an app coming out called SnapTax that promises to make taxes easy. All you do is take a picture of your W2...

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Dear Barrister TUAW: Psystar, matters of fact, and appellate cases

Dear Auntie Barrister TUAW, I've been following your coverage of the Psystar case and I'm a little confused by the discussion on your last post. I've always thought the original case to be one of fact and an appellate case one of law. This, to me, would mean that in the appellate process they wou...

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This just in: California 'cool car' law may hose your iPhone reception

Whenever I visit California, I'm always amazed with the number of state laws that have been enacted for one reason or another. For example, you're warned about alcohol's effect on pregnant women (duh!) when you go into bars and restaurants, and many buildings have mandated warning signs outside tell...

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Apple to open 250th retail store

When Apple opens a new retail store, they typically mark the occasion with an opening day giveaway and free T-shirts. The story will be different in Modesto, California when Apple Store Vintage Faire opens on Saturday, November 14th at 6:00 PM Pacific. Apple Store Vintage Faire will be Apple's 250th...

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Apple opposes Calif. Prop 8, donates $100k to 'No' campaign

Apple issued a short statement on its Hot News page today saying it is publicly opposing California Proposition 8, and donating $100,000 to the No on 8 campaign. Proposition 8 seeks to amend California's constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry. A "no" vote on the measure mea...

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CA lawmakers want to tax iTunes downloads

The California Assembly, apparently facing an $8 billion deficit, has introduced a bill that would apply sales taxes to "media downloads," namely the music sales going through iTunes (which, as we've reported, is challenging even retailer giant Walmart for music sales numbers). But it seems as thoug...

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Apple Store Fashion Fair: Your reports

This past Saturday, Apple opened its newest retail store in sunny Fesno, California: Apple Store Fashion Fair. As usual, we asked any TUAW operatives who may have attended to share their reports and/or pictures. So, did you go, and if you did, how was it? Let us know in the comments. Here's hoping y...

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Spyshot: Apple Store San Luis Obispo

How we love our eagle-eyed TUAW operatives across the globe! This time, Earnest comes through with this shot of an Apple Store under construction in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California. A quick glance at Apple's jobs page revealed that sales positions are still available for this location. Keep y...

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New PA and Cali Apple Stores: Your reports

Earlier today, Apple opened two new retail stores, one in Pennsylvania and one in sunny California. As usual, we asked any TUAW operatives who may have attended the openings to share their reports and/or pictures. So, did you make it out to the events this weekend? Let us know in the comments. Here...

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