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Removing filters applied to photos in the iOS 7 camera app

You know the scenario -- you try to take a creative photo by applying a filter and then hate how it turns out. You decide to snap another shot, but the moment is gone, and you are left with an ugly photo of a beautiful scene. If you used iOS 7 to snap your photo, then you are fortunate as you may...

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Parenting tip: Share your iOS photos without revealing your EXIF location data

Exif data is the partially hidden part of a photo file that most people don't think about when they upload a photo to a service like Dropbox or send a photo to a friend. This EXIF data includes the camera model you are using, basic settings of the camera when the picture was taken, the photo...

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iOS 7: Camera changes make it better, but it still loves to crash

A very strange thing happened during the three months I tested the revamped Camera app in iOS 7. I started out relying, as usual, on Camera+. It's been a mainstay on my iPhone for several years. But as the weeks went by, I found myself using that popular app less and less until it's now sitting a...

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Apple bumps up camera specs on new iPhone 5s and 5c

The cameras built into iOS devices are among the most popular features ever offered, and Apple is paying attention to photo buffs with some significant updates in the iPhone 5s and some strong camera specs in the new iPhone 5c. Apple says it wanted the camera to be "better and smarter." The camera...

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Bradley Chambers: 'Regular people have no idea how to manage photos on their iPhone'

Bradley Chambers wrote a poignant article that argues Apple needs to beef up its photos app with an offline storage option because most people don't backup their photos. These shutterbugs just snap photos and assume the pictures will always be there because the iPhone is keeping the images safe...

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2013 iPhone Photography Award winners showcase the best of mobile photography

While many of us just use our iPhones to take quick snaps of friends and family, some photographers are pushing the limits of the iPhone camera and creating incredible works of art. The iPhone Photography Awards showcase the best of what photographers are able to capture and manipulate on their...

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Clean your iPhone 5's camera from the inside

The iPhone 5, though surprisingly light, is rather sturdily built. And in typical Apple style, the device is completely closed off. Nonetheless, the iPhone 5, over time, can begin accumulating dirt and other unwelcome particles underneath the glass. While this may not ordinarily be a problem, it...

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Why did nobody tell me that Apple headphones can be used to remotely snap iPhone photos?

I've owned every version of the iPhone starting with the original, three of the four iterations of the iPad and, oh yeah, I write about Apple products almost every day. Despite all that, I still manage to stumble across features on devices such as the iPhone and iPad that I either never learned...

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Photoful for iPhone is an ambitious photo app

Taking a photo used to be a big deal. You had a roll of film with a handful of exposers. Each one was treated like a precious gem, and you often only got one chance to capture a great shot. Today, the polar opposite is true. I shoot almost everything, from my kids' school events to my parking...

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Create and share your own 3D video with Poppy

Nostalgia reigns, as the "iPhone as 3D camera" Poppy pops up on Kickstarter. The Poppy, first reported on Engadget, turns your iPhone 5 into a camera that can capture, view and share photos and video in 3D. The box alone triggers memories of Woody Woodpecker, Mickey Mouse and a variety of...

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Camera and Photo apps updated in iOS 7

We all know that the camera is one of the most popular features on the iPhone, and Apple has poured some new ideas into the camera app that should add to the joy of photography in iOS 7. At WWDC today, Apple announced that the camera app has had a completely revamped GUI. I didn't see a lot of...

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iPhone camera evolution over the years captured by Camera+

Since the release of the first iPhone in 2007, there's one feature that has been steadily improving -- the built-in camera. Lisa Bettany of Camera+ fame provides a visual comparison of the quality of the iPhone camera over the generations in six sets of images covering the range from the original...

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Satechi Smart Trigger: iOS-compatible DSLR timer remote

Satechi has just started shipping the new Smart Trigger, a US$44.99 Bluetooth add-on that makes it simple to turn your iOS device into a timer remote for your DSLR. Design The Smart Trigger comes in five different versions, all of which work with a specific set of DSLRs. For my test, I was...

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iPhone, macro lens take beautiful snowflake photos

Sometimes photography is all about capturing the moment quickly and not the expensive camera equipment you tote around in your bag. Wired has an excellent story about Ben Woodworth, who used an iPhone 5 and a $5 macro lens attachment to capture a series of stunning snowflake portraits. He...

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What If You Had? (Celeb Edition) remakes you with celebrity attributes

What If You Had? (Celeb Edition) is a fanciful free universal app that lets you digitally implant celebrity noses, smiles and eyes on any picture you choose. Want Justin Bieber's nose? Or the smile of Alicia Keys? The app gives you a catalog of famous body parts, then lets you attach them to a...

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