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Capcom and Bioware disappointed in iPhone app performance

We've heard a lot of interesting things from big companies on the App Store -- some of them have released games and apps with not a lot of success compared to more high-profile indie groups, while some seem to have nailed down a little bit of profit from Apple's platform. Capcom is apparently findin...

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Capcom iPhone games on sale

Gameloft isn't the only company having a sale this week -- Capcom has also put most of its iPhone titles on sale for Comic-Con: You can pick up the great Phoenix Wright for just $2.99, Ghosts 'n' Goblins, Dark Void Zero and Mega Man 2 for just 99 cents, or Street Fighter IV for $6.99. Good set o...

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Street Fighter for iPhone adding new character for free

Our friends over at Joystiq have uncovered some video of a brand new character coming to the Street Fighter for iPhone game from Capcom. Camy is going to bring her camouflaged legs to the fighting game, and she's coming for free -- Capcom is going to include the character in a soon-to-be-released...

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GDC 2010: Interview with Street Fighter IV producer Takeshi Tazuka

We stopped by the Capcom Fight Club party here at GDC 2010 last night, and in addition to playing the new game, we also got to talk to producer Takeshi Tazuka. Actually, we got to talk to his translator -- Tazuka only speaks Japanese, and I only speak English, so the interview was done with a middl...

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GDC 2010: Street Fighter IV for the iPhone out now

Tonight at GDC 2010, I went out and stopped by the Capcom Fight Club party here in San Francisco, and while there, Capcom projected the actual App Store interface for sending their Street Fighter IV app to the App Store on various screens around the room. We actually got to see them press the butto...

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Street Fighter IV coming to iPhone

I've wondered before just how a fighting game on the iPhone would work, and now I'm going to find out: Capcom has announced that they're releasing the latest Street Fighter game (they're up to IV now) on the iPhone. You can see how it works over at IGN -- there's a virtual joystiq on one side, and ...

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