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DIY auto remote uses iPhone and Arduino to start a car

Here's a project for Arduino fans with an old iPhone sitting in their junk drawer. Following these instructions from Will O'Brien, you can craft a remote start system that's triggered by SMS. The setup requires an Avatal 3117 remote start, an iPhone breakout board, an Arduino, a switching suppl...

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Find My Car Smart is first Bluetooth 4.0 app for iPhone

Bluetooth 4.0 became official recently, and now the first app to use this technology has made its way into the app store. The app, Find My Car Smart, is part of a Kickstarter project from FMC Smart. If funded, the company will make a Bluetooth 4.0 module that'll sit in your car. When you park, th...

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BMW, Mini offer MOG streaming for iPhone

BMW Group understands that people don't want to fumble with their iPhone just to listen to music in their car. They want it to be easy, which is why the auto manufacturer has partnered with MOG to let iPhone owners stream on-demand music directly to their dashboard. BMW Group has embraced mob...

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Are iOS and a radar detector a good pair? A look at Cobra iRadar

I think so. I've been testing Cobra iRadar, a hardware radar detector that connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone for up to date warnings of police radar, and speed/red light camera detection. The system consist of a small radar receiver that attaches to your windshield, and a free app that pa...

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Sony introduces stereo systems for high-end iPhone audio without breaking up the dash

Sony Mobile Audio today introduced a new car stereo system that brings high-quality sound to cars that aren't already equipped with the latest and greatest in car audio. The XDP-PK1000 (and its companion unit the MU110, whose only difference is that it requires a third-party subwoofer and ampli...

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iPhone navigation packages, in S-M-L editions

Thinking about getting Dad some directional guidance for Father's Day? Our package selections cover small, medium and large budgets to get where you're going. Of all the industries disrupted by the emergence of these odd touchscreen computers disguised as mobile phones, the standalone GPS market...

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White Ninja crashes car into Greensboro, NC Apple store

A man reportedly dressed in a hooded white "ninja" outfit crashed his car into the Apple store in Greensboro, North Carolina. The accident occurred early Friday morning before the store was open. Witnesses who saw the accident claim that one man abandoned the car and fled the scene without taki...

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Car-service app Uber heads for NYC market

Uber is a service that connects an iOS app to a car booking network, so essentially you can use your iPhone to signal that you need a car, and then one shows up, complete with a driver ready to take you to your destination. We've seen taxis do this with Taxi Magic, but Uber is designed to not o...

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Griffin CarTrip will track efficiency and show diagnostic reports (video)

We mentioned the CarTrip when they announced it earlier in the week, but after seeing this thing in person at CES, I really want one. Primarily because the device will allow you to clear the stupid "check engine" light in most cars made after 1996 with an ODB-II port. You see, the CarTrip features ...

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Cobra iRadar on the CES 2011 show floor

We liked the idea of the iRadar when we first heard about it, and Cobra put the device front and center at its CES 2011 booth (well, right next to the girls in skimpy police uniforms). The iRadar is a radar detector that hooks right up to Cobra's official iPhone app, and it will not only alert ...

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Pioneer reveals SmartCradle for iPhone, shows display concept at CES

Car audio company Pioneer just held a press conference here at CES, and TUAW was in attendance to see the reveal of their new SmartCradle product, a mounted iPhone-specific dock for the car. As car docks go, this one is pretty solid -- it is iPhone-specific (though the latest iPod touch will also w...

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BMW releases two apps for iOS

BMW has released two apps for iOS this week. The first one, based on the Mini brand, is called Mini Connected, and it allows you to not only track information about your car, but also access web radio and audio versions of internet feeds, hooked up directly to your car's stereo. And on cars equippe...

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Apple devices seen everywhere at the LA Auto Show

Tech blog Cosby Sweaters noticed something interesting at the recent LA Auto Show: Apple was there in force. Not officially -- there is no iCar being sold just yet. But iPads and iMacs were used for a surprising amount of the kiosk displays by manufacturers. Lexus even had a 15-iPod touch display (...

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Headrest mount for iPad by ViewSticks

Hitting the road this holiday season with the kids? Already have a back seat mount for your iPhone but not for your iPad? You may want to check out this iPad Headrest Mount from ViewSticks. The mount attaches to the back of the front seat headrests and turns your iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone into an...

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Brabus's iBusiness is a Mercedes-Benz S600 tricked out Apple style

We've seen the iPad implemented both at school and at work, but in your car? That's the idea behind the iBusiness, a Mercedes-Benz S600 that's been tricked out with Apple gear aplenty by Brabus. Get this -- you can see the two iPads and keyboards in the back seats, but there's also a Mac mini in th...

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