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CARROT fit 2.0 wants to you exercise, meat bag

OK, flabby human. It's time to get fit. Last February we reviewed CARROT fit, the judgmental fitness app from CARROT. As we said last time, its methodologies aren't for everyone. The app uses humor and motivational ribbing to get you moving. I think it's funny, especially when my electronic fitne...

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CARROT Fit uses the stick to whip you into shape

I've long been a fan of CARROT To-Do for keeping me motivated with my daily list of "things I must do today." Our review of To-Do is here, but the basic idea is that the app's "AI construct" gets mad when you don't check in or accomplish tasks. While being berated, overall, isn't a good thing, som...

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Introducing the TUAW One-to-One podcast, with first guest Brian Mueller

I'd like to introduce a new part of the TUAW family, our One-to-One podcast. This series will feature one host and one guest; focused on a particular topic, yet unafraid to weave into tangential traffic. Our first guest is the developer behind Carrot To Do, Carrot Alarm Clock and Recur. You can rea...

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Daily iPhone App: Recur! takes the to-do list and turns it around

Recur! The Reverse To-Do List is a list-maker app that turns things around by keeping track of the things you've done instead of the things you need to do. Created by the developer behind CARROT, Recur! lets you create a to-do list for the things that you've done. You can track anything from ex...

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Daily iPhone App: CARROT alarm clock uses mild forms of torture to wake you up

CARROT, the beloved personality in the popular CARROT task manager from Brian Mueller of Grailr, is now the star of an alarm clock app that berates you into waking up on time each day. The new CARROT alarm clock is a minimal app with a whole lotta personality. You get a glimpse of what you are in ...

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Meet CARROT: the game-ified to do list

CARROT (US$0.99) is essentially a game with delusions of productivity. In fact, it was initially pitched to me as a utility app with "personality." That's problematic because it's not really all that useful. What it is, though, is silly fun with occasional side benefits of getting things done. ...

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