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Daily iPad App: Pocket Garage HD

Pocket Garage HD is one of those apps that's best suited for the iPhone, but the HD version looks pretty sweet on an iPad. This is the first auto maintenance app I've taken a look at in quite a while since Gas Buddy is a mainstay on my iPhone, but Pocket Garage on the iPad is pretty nice and ha...

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Control a car's interior via a dashboard-mounted iPad from Visteon

Visteon doesn't have the first idea for integrating an iPad into an automobile in some way, but it has arguably the most ambitious one so far. At this year's CES, Visteon brought forth their iPad dash product which not only integrates into an auto's audio controls, but it has the ability to hand...

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BMW releases two apps for iOS

BMW has released two apps for iOS this week. The first one, based on the Mini brand, is called Mini Connected, and it allows you to not only track information about your car, but also access web radio and audio versions of internet feeds, hooked up directly to your car's stereo. And on cars equippe...

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Ford's AppLink to support iPhone voice control of apps

My, how far we have come since Ford offered a "standard" iPod jack in its 2008 Ford Escape. Starting this month (and next depending on the model), SYNC-equipped Ford Fiesta owners with iPhone, Android or BlackBerry smartphones will be able to use free software from Ford called AppLink, which gives ...

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Real Racing 2 coming to iOS December 16th

After a few weeks of teasing and hints, Firemint has finally revealed all about its upcoming Real Racing 2 game for iOS, and it looks extremely impressive. The first game in the series is still one of the most popular and well done racing games in the App Store, and Firemint is upping the ante high...

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Driverless taxi gets called with an iPad

This is just wild! A group of researchers in Berlin have been working on "autonomous cars" for a while. Those, of course, are cars that drive themselves, and as you can see above, this one uses a variety of equipment to monitor the road and environment. It then drives by itself according to all of ...

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Ford to offer iTunes tagging in their cars

Just as 2009 was ending, Ford announced that they'll be offering a new option in their cars for 2010: the ability to "tag" any songs you happen to hear on the radio for later purchase in iTunes. It'll be an option, so it won't come standard in the new Taurus you buy, but if you opt for the HD Radio,...

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Facebook featured on new iPhone ad

Tonight, Apple released two new iPhone commercials in the standard iPhone-esqe style -- Facebook and Cars. In these two commercials, Apple expounds on features that have already been introduced in older commercials. This is the first time that Apple has shown a web application on the iPhone in a...

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CARS on hiatus, and a favorite CARS moment

The Mac web can be a pretty serious place, and that is why I was a little melancholy when I first heard that Crazy Apple Rumors would be going on hiatus for awhile. CARS, as those in the know call it, has been consistently funny for a good long time (feel free not to comment if you don't agree with...

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Put that Apple TV in your car

Over at AutoBlog, John Neff writes about why you should put Apple TV into your car. He has a point. Plug it in and you go straight into the Front Row interface. You don't have to log in, you don't need a keyboard, you don't need a mouse. Its small form factor means that it's even easier to embed th...

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HOWTO: Connect your iPod to a video screen in older cars

Although many newer cars now ship with integrated iPod audio and, sometimes, video playback, retrofitting an older car can also be an easy and not-too-expensive option. Sure you can drive over to Car Toys and pay large sums of money to have a roof-mount video display system installed, or you can put...

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Fifty percent of 2007 cars offer iPod integration

Playlist magazine reports that about half of all new 2007 automobiles support iPod integration. Telematics Research Group calls it "the most sought after feature" for customers. This number is way up from the 12% iPod support in 2006 model year cars. You can only imagine how our Internet-addicted l...

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Disney/Pixar's Cars movie now in iTunes, special pricing

Although I'm getting older and grayer by the day, I'm still really a kid at heart. That's probably why I love the movie Cars. I love it so much that it's about to become the very first full-length movie that I personally purchase on iTunes. Cars was released today in the iTunes Store [iTS link] an...

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Apple easter egg in Pixar's "Cars"

Brian at FreeMacBlog writes in to point out an Apple easter egg he spotted in Pixar's Cars. During the opening race, one of the cars that is briefly on screen has an Apple logo on the hood, and is fittingly numbered "84." Pretty cool, Brian! Did anyone else spot this car?...

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Cars video podcast

Who doesn't like Pixar movies? The latest effort from our favorite part of Disney is 'Cars.' I know, I know this isn't exactly breaking news but the fine folks at Pixar have created a video podcast chronicling different parts of the movie, and it is available via iTunes. [via Luxo] ...

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