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Review: CruxSKUNK iPad keyboard case

If there's one promise I hope I can make to TUAW readers, it's that this will be the last iPad keyboard case review you'll read for a while. We've had quite a few over the past few months, but the subject of this review – the CruxSKUNK (US$179 introductory pricing, $210 regular MSRP) -- has...

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Ballistic's new Aspira case line for iPhone 5

This will be a rather quick review, not just because silicone iPhone 5 cases are quite commonplace, but because there are mainly just good things to say about these new cases from Ballistic Case. They're all members of the Ballistic Case Aspira series for the iPhone 5 (US$34.99), and three...

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Musubo's Diamond, Chamfer iPhone 5 cases: review and giveaway

Musubo is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of smartphone accessories, and the company recently released a flurry of iPhone 5 cases to meet the demand for protection of Apple's flagship phone. Today I'll take a look at the Musubo Diamond (US$32.99) and Chamfer (US$24.99) cases, and then TUAW...

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Review: iKit NuCharge, two-in-one battery pack and cover for iPhone 5

iKit, a London based accessories manufacturer for Apple products, has announced the NuCharge, an interchangeable, battery pack and protective cover for iPhone 5. iKit says the NuCharge is the world's first iPhone 5 interchangeable battery and case cover, and it's currently running a Kickstarter...

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Innovative frām iPhone case makes customization a sn-app

At Macworld/iWorld 2013, I ran into Tavis Schriefer, the president of a Texas design company called Ideative. Schriefer only had a few minutes to chat, but he demoed a customizable iPhone case that was stunningly simple in design and execution. The frām case (US $34.95) makes personalizing...

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Belkin's Thunderstorm case cranks your iPad to 11

In my office I tend to rock out to a 300-watt stereo system. When I go to wash dishes and have to use my iPad's native speaker, well, there's no comparison. Belkin's Thunderstorm case won't crank up to the level of a really large stereo, but it is loud enough to punch through very noisy...

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The Juan Valdez ColcaSac shoulder bag is the most comfortable one you'll ever own

Years ago I wrote about a small company named ColcaSac that had just started selling cases and sleeves for Apple's MacBooks and iPads. I was impressed with the products, and I'm happy to say the company has kept updating its offerings and the quality is as good as ever. ColcaSac has a number of...

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Review and giveaway: MapiCases' Soli is a luxurious home for your iPad mini

I've taken a look at a number of really nice iPad mini cases, and the US$120 MapiCases' Soli falls into the luxury end of the spectrum. However, you're not spending your money on looks alone. This is geninuely a very nice case. The Soli comes in four colors of glossy European leather: black,...

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Logitech Ultrathin is a good, but cramped, keyboard for the iPad mini

One of the things I never thought I would miss when I made the switch to an iPad mini is my keyboard case. I loved using my Jot Writer 2 Plus with my iPad 2, and the friend who subsequently inherited that iPad also loves the case. I never thought I would need or want a keyboard to go with the...

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Quirky's Crossover: finally, a truly unique iPhone 5 case

As you're probably aware, TUAW does a lot of reviews of iPhone cases. To be honest with you, most of the cases don't really catch my attention anymore. But this morning I got an email from crowdsource design firm Quirky about the Crossover (US$34.99), and it's so completely different that I had...

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Olloclip shows off upcoming case at Macworld/iWorld 2013

Olloclip's self-named clip-on lens (US$69.99) for iPhone was one of the early success stories of Kickstarter, and now the Huntington Beach, Calif., company is expanding into other related products for advanced iPhoneography. I spoke with Olloclip CEO Patrick O'Neill at Macworld/iWorld 2013...

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Logitech reveals iPad mini keyboard cover

Logitech has revealed a slim, new keyboard case for the iPad mini. Similar to its full-sized sibling, Logitech® Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, the new Logitech® Ultrathin Keyboard mini perfectly accommodates Apple's smaller device. The Bluetooth keyboard maintains a standard layout and key...

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Kröme case for iPhone promises interchangeable add-ons

Danville, Calif.-based Kröme has a unique angle on the growing trend of iPhone cases that feature storage for things like credit cards, keys and cash (such as the iLid we recently checked out). For its signature product, the company is planning a range of interchangeable "cartridges" that...

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iLid is an iPhone case and a wallet that works

After having about all the cases I could take at CES, I stumbled upon the iLid booth with a weary eye. I vaguely remembered a Kickstarter campaign a while back, and the case -- which is also a wallet -- was for the 4- and 4S-sized iPhone. It seemed like a cute idea, but these things are often...

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CES 2013: iLuv booth tour

I tote around a handy iLuv USB hub with built-in Ethernet, but the company makes a ton of accessories. Docks, cases, speakers and more can be had from iLuv, and there are a few new items of note from CES 2013 to show you. First, the Aud 5 Speaker Dock is now equipped with a Lightning...

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