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Foxconn parent company raising prices for Apple, others

This is the downside of being Apple -- just as they get prices and costs to where they want them, those same prices and costs tend to go up again. Foxconn's parent company Hon Hai has reported that it will raise its manufacturing prices in China, directly affecting Apple's and other companies' costs...

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Apple relents, allows cash for iPads

Good news, everyone! In response to the public outcry over Apple's no-cash-for-iPad policy, Apple has relented. You will now be able to purchase iPads in-store using cash and gift cards. Yes, you'll also have to set up a traceable Apple account at the same time, but the lack of credit or debit card ...

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Apple no-cash policy for iPad takes some by surprise

Update: Apple has now reversed the no-cash policy. As loyal readers know, Apple stores are not particularly cash-friendly; in the case of the iPhone and the iPad, they're downright cash-hostile. Both devices require a credit or debit card for purchase, although you can waltz down the block and bu...

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Was the Siri purchase about search?

Here's an interesting take from Searchblog's John Battelle about the Siri purchase by Apple yesterday: he believes that it's the first step towards the eventual Apple goal of conquering search for the app world. Google is, of course, the king of search on the Internet, but as the iPad 3G releases to...

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Paypal app goes 2.0, adds Bump integration

Never before in human history have there been so many ways to part with your hard-earned cash. The spotlight might be on credit card acceptance tools from Square & Verisign, or the beta Venmo service's SMS-based trust network -- still, don't forget about the cagey veteran. Paypal is 12 years old...

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Adafruit shows off the Square dongle for credit card payments on the iPhone

Adafruit is one of a few companies that has been chosen to test the Square dongle that automagically takes credit card payments on any iPhone. Even though we got to see it in action at Macworld, I think every look we can get at this thing is worth it, considering just how darn revolutionary it seem...

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Microsoft still beats Apple in cash and investments, for now

Back during the earnings call a few weeks ago, it was mentioned that Apple has a jaw-dropping almost $40 billion just sitting around in cash. In the chat, we started talking about other companies that might have that much money in the hopper -- Google came up, but I don't think we were able to gues...

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Slate throws Apple a $100B idea, suggests iBank

In an interesting -- not to say wildly speculative -- essay, Slate Magazine's Karim Bardeesy says that Apple should take some of its $28 billion and start a bank. During Wednesday's conference call, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer made it clear that the company was looking to keep its cash right where ...

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Apple, Psystar strike a deal

CNET and The Mac Observer noted a legal filing on Friday that suggested Apple and Psystar were looking to bypass the normal lawsuit process and enter a phase of private arbitration and mediation. The filing notes that Apple and Psystar will participate in the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) pr...

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Oh, to have Apple's cash problems

Not unlike this guy, Apple is going to need avalanche insurance for the mountain of cash that it's sitting on. According to BusinessWeek, Apple has amassed $20.8 billion in cash and short-term investments, adding nearly $1 billion each and every quarter. It's not necessarily odd for a company to ha...

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Apple's $18 billion stash

Where's all that cash that Apple made from the iPhone and all those iPods, Macs, and iTunes downloads last year going? Why, right into Apple's mattress. According to the Financial Times, Apple currently has $18 billion sitting on their balance sheet, doing nothing much at all. And they're OK with th...

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