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Caturday: Our hearts go out to Pip and her humans

Every once in a while we get an email at TUAW that tugs at our hearts, and today's Caturday entry certainly did that. Here's Pip's story, directly from the keyboard of one of her parents: Our beloved cat that was only 5 years old just died today unexpectedly. Me (Dustin) and my partner (Ian) are...

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These 3D displays are looking better every day

The depth. The realism. The cuddles. I've never seen anything like it. [Photo Credit: Karin Dalziel]...

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Those irresistible Apple cords

I don't know what it is about iPhone cords (or white Apple cords in general), but my cat absolutely loves them. And by "loves them," I mean he likes to chew on them until they no longer function. Maybe a yarn-based substitute like the one above would be a good solution... [Image credit: Tom Thai]...

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Caturday: I can haz AirPort Extreme

Life is tough for feral kittens, but fortunately they are sometimes rescued by nice people who supply them with lots of love and warm Apple products to sit on. That's the case with Torben, who was rescued by Margaret Martin last fall after she found him in her backyard. Margaret says that "Torben...

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Caturday: "Everyone in this house is always on the computer"

TUAW reader Mike Morrow got a tip from our very own TJ Luoma that he ought to ping us with this fun Instagram he sent out last month with the headline "OMG, EVERYONE in this house is always on the computer." Related: that's one big, fluffy cat. We'd love to see photos of your favorite feline...

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Caturday: MacBert

Take a cat and a Mac and put 'em in the same room, and eventually the two will migrate to the same place. Since Macs don't move on their own yet (unlike iPhones), the cat usually does a bit more migration than the Mac... In this case, beautiful MacBert jumped up on top of his human's computer...

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Caturday: Matej the multi-purpose cat

Whether it's laying comfortably in front of a classic slot-loading iMac in 2003 -- presumably there to clean off CDs and DVDs going into the drive -- or getting exercise more recently batting at fish in the Friskies iPad app (below), Matej knows his Apple products and loves 'em. Matej hails from...

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Caturday: Finn and Catniss enjoying the designs of Jony Ive

We all know that cats are more intelligent than humans -- I mean, what other animal gets to lay around sleeping all day, gets food handed to it, and really doesn't have to do much of anything to get free housing? Well, Finn (the ginger cat) and Catniss (the grey one) also get a ton of...

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Caturday: Oona painting on her iPad

By now, connoisseurs of Caturday have noticed that iPads and felines go together. It's almost like Apple designed the iPad for cats, knowing that they'd be attracted by the bright screen and the response to paw touches. Here we see Oona, a pretty cat owned by a friend of TUAW reader Alan A.,...

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Caturday: Lula doesn't appreciate Jony Ive's work

Lula's gorgeous, she's smart, but she obviously doesn't appreciate Jony Ive's designs. Says owner Rafael Najmanovich: Here is a photo of Lula, our 7 month old kitten. She really likes my retina Macbook Pro. Not just sitting in my keyboard and occasionally restarting my mac but also trying to...

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Caturday: Let sleeping cats lie ... in front of the iMac

Yuki is a beautiful 2-year-old white cat whose name, appropriately enough, means "snow" in Japanese. Her human companion Glenn Smith often needs to get work done on this iMac, but Yuki has other ideas: I always look forward to the Caturday pictures on the weekend and thought it is time that I...

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Caturday: Multiple Macs need multiple cats

When you have a MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air and an iPad, you have to make sure that they're constantly in use to maximize your investment. For TUAW reader Belle, that was a simple thing to accomplish as she has a couple of gorgeous feline friends who seem to enjoy the company of their human and the...

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Caturday: "So you think you're going to get some work done? Think again."

Park Junior is obviously in control of the situation here. By strategically placing his furry little body on the trackpad and keyboard, and confronting his human Theresa with that stare, he's made darned sure that she's not going to get any work done. Theresa says that "he was very displeased that...

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Every dog has had his day, now we're back to Caturday

Sure, it's still officially summer until September 22, but as Mike Rose mentioned the other day on Facebook, "autumn has unofficially begun." That means that the Dog Days of Summer are now ended, and it's time for our weekly Caturday feature. Cats are usually cute, but there's nothing more...

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Daily iPad App: Peterest is Pinterest for your pets

What do people most use the internet for? Corresponding with loved ones? Reading news? Buying useless things on eBay? None of the above. The correct answer, of course, is to look at pictures of adorable animals. The creators of the website Peterest -- and its new iOS companion app - have clearly...

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