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Tag: caturday

Caturday: Mr. G, the coding feline

Sometimes coding can be soooo exhausting that you just have to lay down on your MacBook Air and take a nap... Mr. G (apparently short for Mr. Grumblecat) is a ten-month-old blue British Shorthair who provides top-notch development support to his human Eric Kelly. New fans of Mr. G will be happy t...

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Caturday: iCat

There's nothing more annoying/cute than having your iCat hog your iPad. That's the situation that TUAW reader Doug Poland ran into with his cat Miss Maui, who finds the smooth surface of an iPad screen to somehow be more comfy than that pillow in the background. Cats... We'd love to see photos of...

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Caturday: "Loki loves my iPad"

This triptych of Caturday images comes to us courtesy of TUAW reader Bogee Romero, who says: When we adopted Loki, he was scared little 2.5 month old kitty. His brother Tigger was better adjusted so I spent more time with Loki, making sure he was always comfortable and always by my side. This me...

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Caturday: The Jony Ive pillow

Cats love to snuggle with anything that's soft and warm, and there's nothing softer than the rock-hard aluminum surface of a MacBook Pro. Whut? Aapparently reader Kevin Yapjoco's cat never got the message or is just really in love with Apple products, since it laid its furry little head on this ...

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Caturday: The coding cats of Brett Terpstra

If you've been around the world of Apple for any length of time, then you have to know who Brett Terpstra is. Formerly with TUAW, Brett is the man behind Marked, podcasts including his very own Systematic (he's a frequent guest on just about every other podcast in the world, including Mac Power Us...

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Caturday: "Always a bridesmaid..."

Ninjago is a beautiful tuxedo cat who apparently just loves to read TUAW every Saturday, but who wasn't too happy seeing all of those other cats each and every week. Ninjago's human Alica Washington was able to pick up on Ninjago's frustration, and the photo above is the result. Bridesmaid no mo...

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Caturday: Jealous Petunia

So, you're a beautiful cat with gorgeous fur and lovely eyes, and your human decides to spend her time ignoring you. Instead of petting you and giving you all of her attention, she's moving her fingers around and staring at something. What do you do? Easy answer -- plop yourself down right where t...

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Caturday: Gabby at work

Maybe she's checking owner/photographer Jim Koepnick's bank account, retouching a photo of her beautiful self, or just wondering what this thing is that her human spends a lot of time staring at, but Gabby seems to be looking at something very intently. Koepnick says that Gabby likes to jump up i...

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Caturday: Mesmer kitty zones out to Todd Rundgren

Cats always seem to be off in some world of their own, but TUAW reader Roy Behymer found a way to entrance his beautiful cat Sienna with the help of an iPad mini and an app by rock legend Todd Rundgren. "This is Sienna. Normally she's aloof and doesn't concern herself with lowly human technology...

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Caturday: Don't touch the iPad or you'll lose a hand

Sometimes the name of a cat doesn't seem to fit its disposition or looks. That's the case with Tinkerbelle, the rather grumpy-looking feline in the picture above. According to her human, Joseph Veseli: My cat Tinkerbelle, don't let the name fool you, loves to lay next to the pillow I use to set ...

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Caturday: Charis the assistant editor

Charis is a 1-1/2 year old Greek cat who, according to his human Dimitrios Georgoulas, thinks of himself as an assistant editor at AppleWorldHellas. Dimitrios tells us that Charis loves Apple products, especially the new iPad Air and the MacBook Pro with Retina display. Charis appears in most of t...

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Caturday: Sir Steve's iMac G3 castle

Sir Steve Cat is a British Shorthair Silver Tabby living in Hungary who is obviously royalty -- after all, why else would he have his own iMac G3 castle to live in? Owner Szergely says that Sir Steve is now about 11 weeks old. Sir Steve has his very own Facebook page and website, so if you wish t...

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Caturday: I caught a mouse

We found this lovely cat and picture while doing a search of Flickr recently. Brian Wilkins shot this gorgeous black and white image of his cat -- which had just "caught a mouse" -- with a Canon EOS 400D. Beautiful cat and picture, accentuated by the sleek lines of the Apple Magic Mouse. We'd lov...

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Caturday: Mater surveys his domain

For cats, Macs are devices to keep warm next to. Bryn Behrenshausen's lovely cat Mater has his choice of Apple products to cuddle up to, including a new Apple AirPort Express, an iPad, and an iMac. Bryn says, "My cat Mater stands watch over my Apple gear in our home office. He likes to sit by the ...

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Halftone 2 is the easy way to turn your photos into professional looking comics

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow, obviously, but with Halftone 2 the power to make a comic that answers that question for yourself is found on your iOS device. By pairing an impressive array of page layout and speech bubble templates with your own personal photos, Halfton...

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