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Tag: cbs gives Trekkers a streaming treat for iPhone: full episodes on demand

Just as Hulu has more-or-less reluctantly barred boxee from streaming NBC video content to anything other than a browser, here comes the new iPhone app. It offers full episodes of such classics as Dream On, Night Gallery and Star Trek, and clips from current shows on multiple networks. Compar...

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Citizen journalists: CBS EyeMobile

So, you're walking down the street and you see a bank robbery in progress, or you're driving your car down a road in rural Illinois and see a biplane crash into a loaded gasoline tanker truck. Now you can be a CBS "eye on the street" roving reporter with EyeMobile for iPhone. CBS wants you to take p...

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Beverly Hills, 90210 iPod nano

Beverly Hills, 90210 is a show that is near and dear to many people's hearts... at least I assume so, because how else do you explain this Beverly Hills, 90210 limited edition iPod nano? CBS is selling 2000 of these suckers for $269. For your money you get an 8 gig iPod nano engraved with a picture...

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Other companies and Apple's iTunes price war

NBC has gotten all the press in their big fight with Apple, but a few other companies are currently considering their options about what to do with iTunes pricing. News Corp is apparently ready to draw a line in the sand. Their COO Peter Chernin says "negotiations will be prickly and dicey and conte...

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Phil Schiller shows CBS lots of iPhone features

Most of the videos I have seen of the iPhone don't show it in action, but this video really gives you an idea of how you interact with this little device. Phil Schiller, Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, pulls out all the stops for CBS News and runs the iPhone through...

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CBS music label inks deal with Apple

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, CBS has launched, or more correctly relaunched, their long-forgotten CBS Records label. They've signed a deal with Apple Computer to sell music, videos and "other content" at iTunes. CBS Records, in its first life, was home to a pretty amazing stable of artists,...

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CBS green lights 'Genius Bar' TV show

Apple's Genius Bar will soon be able to add 'entertainment' to its list of things it does for people, as CBS has given two thumbs up for a show pilot titled Genius Bar. The show apparently follows the employees of a place similar to Apple's Genius Bar and their adventures with "the cool, hip and bea...

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Big Brother Season 7 available in iTunes

CBS and Apple have just made added Big Brother All-Stars, the seventh season of the reality show, available in the iTunes Music Store. I must admit that I am a faithful Big Brother watcher, I even watched the first season when the contestants got along and there were no challenges for them to do, th...

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Survivor, other CBS shows in iTunes (US)

As you may remember, CBS's president of digital media Larry Kramer announced back in February his network's intention to sell downloadable episodes of Survivor - without iTunes. For $1.99US, you got a single episode that expired in 24 hours. He stated that CBS would be moving gradually into this ne...

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CBS launches Innertube

First ABC launched an online streaming 'channel' which featured reruns of primetime programming, and now CBS has launched innertube. You won't find episodes of CBS's primetime programming on innertube, though. CBS has developed online only content, like Greek to Chic, a makeover show for frat boys,...

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Lost, Desperate Houswives will be free on the web

Disney announced today that it will make episodes of both Lost and Desperate Housewives available for free via the web, starting in June. The files will feature "chapters" to let users quickly jump ahead in the episode, though not past the embedded commercials. The article merely says that...

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Download Survivor, but not via iTunes

File this under "What are they thinking?" CBS has announced that it will offer downloads of its mega-popular reality show Survivor: Panama* at $1.99 a pop. But here's the catch: The episodes will "expire" 24 hours after purchase, will not be iPod compatible and will not be sold v...

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