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No, Virginia, you can't have a universal LTE iPhone 5

There might be a Santa Claus, but regarding the mythical animal known as the universal iPhone: there is none. As noted on Apple's spec page for the iPhone 5, the company will be shipping independent GSM and CDMA models of the new phone to match the LTE frequency bands of carriers worldwide. The i...

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iPhone reportedly ready for China Telecom's CDMA2000 network

The iPhone 4S is set to launch in China a few days from now via China Unicom, a GSM-based provider that has been the sole iPhone-compatible Chinese carrier thus far. According to AllThingsD, China may be getting ready to add a second carrier to the mix: CDMA-based wireless carrier China Telecom. ...

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Unlocked iPhone 4S coming in November, won't work with CDMA

If you were planning to preorder an unlocked iPhone 4S today, you're going to have to wait a little while. The unlocked and contract-free version is available starting in November, with no specific date listed on the Apple website. There's another bit of a surprise, although it makes sense: the...

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iPhone 4S officially lands on Sprint

Good news Sprint customers, the iPhone 4S is a worldphone and is now available on your carrier. Late-breaking rumors from the Wall Street Journal hinted that the iPhone was heading to Sprint and now it's officially official. Just like the Verizon and AT&T iPhone, the Sprint version will b...

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Sprint begins briefing sales associates on iPhone 4 for October launch (Updated)

A Sprint Nextel sales associate told TUAW that the carrier has started briefing its employees on an imminent Sprint iPhone 4 launch. The briefing reportedly told the sales team that Sprint will begin offering the iPhone 4 in October 2011 (next month) with standard Sprint data plans; they will i...

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WSJ: Sprint will sell the iPhone 5 in mid-October

At TUAW we typically look the other way when it comes to iPhone rumors, but once something hits the Wall Street Journal, we pretty much consider it a done deal. The WSJ now reports that Sprint will offer the iPhone 5 in mid-October, bringing the handset to the third-largest US carrier. The iPho...

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China Telecom plans iPhone launch this year

Reuters is reporting that China Telecom will officially launch the iPhone on its 106 million-subscriber service by the end of 2011, according to sources. We've heard this rumor before, but this seems about as good as we're going to get before an actual, official confirmation. Currently, China U...

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Verizon iPhone 4 responsible for 32% of US iPhone 4 traffic

Data from mobile app analytics firm Localytics suggests the Verizon iPhone 4 now accounts for 32.3% of the U.S. iPhone market share. The CDMA version of the iPhone has been steadily climbing since launch, while the AT&T iPhone has apparently declined. Verizon confirmed during its Q2 earning...

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WSJ: Apple prepping thinner, lighter iPhone 5

The Wall Street chimed in with its insider information on the rumored iPhone 5. According to the report, Apple's next generation iPhone will be thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4. It also may include an 8-megapixel camera, which is a nice boost from the 5-megapixel shooter on the current mod...

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Verizon supposedly readying iPhone 4 discount

A screenshot snagged by Vzbuzz suggests the Verizon iPhone 4 may go on sale in the near future. According to the leaked image, the 16 GB iPhone 4 will be reduced to $150, a 25% discount off its current $199 price tag. Unfortunately, this screenshot was snagged from Verizon's testman website. ...

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Verizon CFO: Next iPhone works on both CDMA and GSM networks

As part of the Reuters Global Technology Summit, Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo today talked about data plan discounts, prepaid plans and the next-generation iPhone. During his talk, Shammo noted that the next iPhone model will be released simultaneously for both AT&T and Verizon....

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Rumor: Apple lowering CDMA iPhone 4 orders, even though survey says Apple is #3 US smartphone vendor

It appears that after robust sales in the first few months of the iPhone 4's life on the Verizon network, demand might be slowing down for the CDMA device. That's despite new NPD data showing a major impact from the Verizon iPhone, including a hit to Sprint's results. In a report discussing f...

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iPad 2 teardown: GSM and CDMA differences

The screwdriver- and heat gun-happy bunch over at iFixit have been disassembling iPad 2s again, all in the interest of keeping radio (and other) nerds "droolingly-happy," as Engadget puts it. Their original teardown was of a humble (relative to other iPad 2s only) 16 GB Wi-Fi only model. Now ...

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Study finds AT&T iPhone downloads twice as fast as Verizon's

We reported this morning on Verizon's iPad data rates crushing AT&T's, but if you're looking for raw download speed instead of cost savings, it might be worth checking out AT&T. Network World reported that studies from Metrico Wireless in five US cities showed that the iPhone 4 downlo...

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CDMA iPhone 4 may land on China Telecom in June

Chinese news sites are reporting that China Telecom has overcome technical challenges with the CDMA iPhone 4 and is prepared to launch the handset as early as June. Details were sparse, but engineers have reportedly developed a workaround for the lack of a SIM slot in the CDMA iPhone 4. Availab...

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