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Pantech phone with scroll wheel

The iPhone. Will they or won't they? That has been a constant topic of discussion amongst the Mac faithful for a long time. Along comes Pantech, a South Korean phone maker, who has introduced the phone to the right. What's that thing that looks like the iPod's click wheel? Why, it is Pantech's 'revo...

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Blueye connects iPods with cellphones

If you dread pulling out your earbuds (you use those?) when you get a phone call, dread no more. A new gadget by the name of Blueye will save you from earbud yanking by connecting your iPod headphones to your phone via Bluetooth. When you get a call, Blueye will allow you to mute your current music ...

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Engadget thinks that the phone to the left might be the new ROKR E2, the followup phone to the not so successful ROKR 'iTunes phone.' Anyone out there have an orignal ROKR? What do you think of it?...

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Speaking of SMS messaging via your Mac, make sure you check out BluePhoneElite, formerly known as BluePhoneMenu.  It's currently free (translation: in beta with a purchase link announcing that purchasing is not yet available) and does quite a nice job of coordinating SMS communication betwe...

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