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T-Mobile wants to give your iPad a ton of data for $10

The battle for the loyalty of tablet users sees another shot fired today, as T-Mobile has announced a deal that duplicates the data allowance of any phone plan if you add a tablet. For the US$10 monthly tablet fee, whatever data plan you currently have for your smartphone will be duplicated on you...

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Get T-Mobile's 200MB free iPad data plan, even with a different carrier's device

One device, all networks. That's been a fond dream through the iPhone and iPad lifecycle, and while the iPhone 4S remains a unified device (sans 4G LTE support), the iPhone 5c and 5s remain split into CDMA-enabled and pure GSM model numbers. Enter the new slimness. The cellular-capable version of t...

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Apple increases size limit for cellular downloads to 100 MB

Coupled with the release of iOS 7, MacRumors tips us off to the fact that Apple has quietly increased the size limit for apps (and other types of media files) users can download via a cellular connection. Now, users can use their cellular connection to download files that are as large as 100 MB. T...

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Japan's NTT DoCoMo not eager to carry iPhone

That's the word from DoCoMo Senior VP Kazuto Tsubouchi in a chat with the Wall Street Journal. The telco giant has about half of Japan's cellular business, but the iPhone has never been offered by DoCoMo, despite many customers who have migrated to competitors that carry the iPhone. In the publis...

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iPhone owners have the highest cellular bills among smartphone users

Carriers may not like iPhone users who consume a lot of data, but they cannot complain about the whopping bills these customers pay each month. According to a survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) and reported by AllThingsD, almost 60 percent of iPhone users pay more than US$...

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Qualcomm tried to get Apple to put a radio in the Newton

Steve Jobs will be forever known for his moving introduction of Apple's first phone in 2007, but history may have been different had Apple worked more closely with Qualcomm in the '90s. According to a report in Venture Beat, Qualcomm courted Apple and tried to get the company to put a cellular ra...

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Cellular-capable iPad pre-orders reportedly shipping

A report from MacRumors claims the cellular versions of the fourth-generation Retina iPad are shipping and will land on doorsteps by the end of the week. Customers who pre-ordered the iPad are receiving shipping notices with an estimated delivery date of November 16th. iPad mini pre-orders have...

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FaceTime over cellular from AT&T will only be available to Mobile Share customers

AT&T announced on Friday that it will offer FaceTime over Cellular at no additional cost to customers who are subscribed to a Mobile Share plan, says a report in Engadget. Customers who stay on a grandfathered unlimited plan or a tiered plan will be limited to using FaceTime over a WiFi con...

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Apple to pay A$2.25 million fine in Australia for iPad 4G name

Apple may have to pay a stiff penalty in Australia over the use of "4G" in the new iPad's model name. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Apple has agreed to pay a A$2.25 million (US$2.2 million) fine to settle a legal battle it has been fighting with the Australian Competition and Consu...

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Apple changes name of 'iPad WiFi + 4G' to 'iPad WiFi + Cellular' in several countries

As reported by 9to5 Mac, Apple has changed the name of the iPad WiFi + 4G to the less descriptive iPad WiFi + Cellular. The change is the result of criticisms from customers and consumer advocacy groups about the iPad's 4G branding. Groups in the UK, Sweden and Australia complained that the 4...

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AT&T and Verizon officially announce the March 16 availability of the WiFi + 4G iPad

As expected, AT&T and Verizon both announced today that they will sell the new WiFi+4G iPad starting Friday, March 16. AT&T will sell the iPad through all AT&T sales channels, while Verizon will offer the new iPad at all Verizon Wireless Communications Stores and online. The iPad WiFi+...

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New iPad models include high-speed LTE networking

As widely rumored, the new iPad models (one for Verizon and one for AT&T) announced today will offer several varieties of high-speed cellular wireless networking. iPads sold for use with those two carriers, plus Rogers, Bell and Telus in Canada, will work with an alphabet soup of fast connectio...

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Softbank profits surge thanks to the iPhone and iPad

Japan's number three wireless carrier, Softbank, reported record profits thanks to the success of the iPhone and the iPad. Net profit for the quarter ending in March climbed to Y47.41 billion, up from Y1.85 billion in the same quarter last year. Softbank's ARPU (average revenue per user) also i...

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Sprint concerned over AT&T, T-Mobile merger

Sprint responded to the announcement of the acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T with a statement that expresses concern about the proposed merger. Sprint suggests federal regulators take a close look at the deal, which will dramatically change the structure of the wireless industry in the US. ...

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Apple patent would require carriers to bid for iPhone service

Apple was recently awarded a patent describing a wireless selection system that would require carriers to compete for service on an iPhone. According to the patent, the phone would store the network settings for a variety of carriers and select the appropriate service based upon information sent to...

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