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Jumsoft offering 50% off Money for Cha-Ching customers

Yesterday, we posted that Intuit was basically discontinuing Cha-Ching after hiring the developers and purchasing the app, and it was a little disappointing that they weren't offering any upgrade plan. While Mint.com is free (and some of the Cha-Ching know-how was going to go into the Mint.com iPho...

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Intuit buys Cha-Ching after hiring developers

We've been pretty big fans of Cha-Ching, both the OS X app and the iOS version, over the years. Turns out Intuit liked the app a lot, too -- the financial juggernaut has acquired Cha-Ching and its code after hiring the app's developers a little while back. The website currently points to both Quick...

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TUAW First Look: Cha-Ching Touch

Several years ago, I had a simple but wonderful checkbook app for my Palm. It was nothing more than money in and money out with some simple categorization (food, clothing, automotive, etc.). In other words, an electric alternative to a checkbook. Since I don't really write checks anymore, I no longe...

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Cha-Ching Touch now available

Last month, we got a sneak peek at Cha-Ching Touch, the finance app for the iPhone and iPod touch from Midnight Apps. Now, it's ready to go. We haven't played with it yet (a full review is coming), but I definitely see the appeal of a quick and easy mobile finance tracker (which is a long-winded way...

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Last day to buy MacHeist Bundle

Today is the last day to buy the much coveted MacHeist application bundle. MacHeist has decided to sweeten the deal by unlocking SoundStudio early and offering $5 off any Insanely Great Tee. If you are a registered member of the MacHeist site you can also get early access to Headline (an RSS reader)...

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Cha-ching hits 1.2.1

In the Leopard onslaught, Cha-Ching 1.2 slipped under our radar - however today sees the release of yet another (minor) update: version 1.2.1. For those of you not familiar with Cha-Ching, it's an easy-to-use money-management tool whose import options (such as Quicken and Microsoft Money formats) an...

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Cha-Ching 1.0.3 released with better performance, searching and download support

Cha-Ching, the streamlined money manager that aims to put the fun back finances, has made a minor update to v1.0.3 with some truly useful new features and fixes. At the top of the list is a database migration to Mac OS X's built-in SQLite to boost performance, as well as search enhancements for usin...

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Cha-Ching on reverse sale until 1.0 debuts Friday, a new feature announced each day this week

Midnight Apps, as promised, has announced Cha-Ching 1.0 is landing Friday, April 20th, 2007. Cha-Ching is an excellent personal finance management app that I feel safe calling a Quicken killer, at least for many people's needs. Since its beta days, Cha-Ching has featured things like a simplified U...

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Cha-Ching update brings fixes, 1.0 by April

Cha-Ching, Midnight Apps' handy Quicken-killer that takes the pain out of managing your money, has received a minor update to v0.5.2. While the notable changes like UI improvements, bug fixes and confirmation dialogs when deleting items aren't much to write home about, the third change from the emai...

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Beta Beat: Cha-Ching 0.5.1

Cha-Ching is a fantastic app, one of the very best out there for simply and elegantly managing your money on the Mac. I use it all the time! Erm... well, I would use it all the time, if I had any money to manage. No reason you can't enjoy manipulating your money with this great app though! Version 0...

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Cha-Ching presentation at the Apple Store

Juan Alvarez, developer and CEO at Midnight Apps, gave a CocoaHeads presentation at the Apple Store Thursday night of the new 0.5 version of Cha-Ching, his slick money app that brings financial management out of the stone ages with the beauty of Mac OS X and Cocoa. While Cha-Ching is still in a h...

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Cha-Ching 0.2

Keeping track of your money isn't that much fun. Cha-Ching hopes to change all of that. Using a fun interface, and iSight integration this little app keeps track of both your expenses and your possessions. iCal and Address Book integration lets Cha-ching remind you when bills are due, and keep track...

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