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ChangeWave: Advance demand for next-gen iPhone "off the charts"

Apple 2.0's Philip Elmer-DeWitt reported today on a new ChangeWave Research survey of purchasing plans for upcoming smartphones. The survey shows that the unannounced next-generation iPhone has an "unprecedented" amount of advance demand. The survey offered 4,042 American consumers brief desc...

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Demand for the iPhone 4S still high six months after its release

A recent ChangeWave survey suggests demand for the iPhone 4S is still high six months after the handset launched. ChangeWave surveyed 4,413 consumers and 56 percent of future smartphone buyers say they plan on purchasing an iPhone. This is up two percentage points from a previous survey conduct...

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ChangeWave: 98% of iPad owners satisfied with device

I love my new iPad and it appears that I am not alone. A March 22-28 Changewave survey of 200 new iPad owners shows that 98 percent are satisfied with their device and zero percent is very dissatisfied. Most users (82 percent) are very happy with their tablet and only a small percentage (two pe...

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iPhone 4S customers report 96% satisfaction rate

The iPhone 4S has been out for about six weeks, and owners have had time to learn the ins and outs of the device. ChangeWave wanted to find out what these people thought and asked 215 iPhone 4S owners about their new handset. If you're a long-time iPhone owner, you won't be surprised by the res...

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iPad killing the competition

With the iPad 2 hitting stores across the U.S. today and worldwide within a couple of weeks, Ars Technica published a report today showing that the iPad should remain the market leader for tablet devices through 2011. Citing data from market research firm IDC, Ars blogger Chris Foresman notes...

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Survey: Apple iPad catching up to Kindle

There is still a big price difference, but the iPad is challenging the Amazon Kindle as a preferred device for reading e-books in ownership and satisfaction. That's according to a ChangeWave survey of more than 2,800 U.S. consumers. Of iPad owners, 75% said they were "very satisfied" with their dev...

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Netbook demand plummets while shoppers snap up iPads

An October survey by market research firm ChangeWave spells doom for manufacturers of netbooks. While just a few holiday seasons ago the cheap little PCs were on everyone's Christmas list, now they're only attractive to 14% of people who are considering the purchase of a laptop computer. At their p...

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Report: iPhone 4 owners report fewer dropped calls than iPhone 3GS

With all of the Antennagate hoopla since the release of the iPhone 4, you'd think that owners of the new phone are never able to complete a call normally. According to a recently published survey from ChangeWave Research, iPhone 4 owners are reporting fewer dropped calls than iPhone 3GS owners. ...

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ChangeWave: 27% of e-reader buyers wish they'd waited for the iPad

Some positive news for the iPad: ChangeWave Research says when they surveyed people who already have an e-reader, 27% wish they had waited for an iPad. Now, if someone can work out a Kindle/iPad trade-in program, there's bound to be some money in it. The survey included 3,171 consumers; it also i...

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Latest survey shows Apple customers are happiest

While the economy continues to tank, and desktop PC purchases are falling, a new survey from ChangeWave Research says Apple customers are the happiest buyers. Looking at people who bought a computer in the last 90 days, 81% said they were very satisfied with their purchase. That compares with 67%...

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